Closing Down Sale and Extraordinary Christmas Offering

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Extraordinary Christmas Offering

extraordinary Christmas offering

You are a blessing to Sacred Women’s Business.

Your presence on my mailing list is cherished, appreciated, savored and consciously appreciated on every level.

Thank you for being such a profound gift to my dream business.

When I started Sacred Women’s Business Coaching in 2011, I wasn’t sure if it was just a dream. When I first started welcoming the types of clients I was dreaming about, at times, I’ve had to pinch myself that my dreams are truly a reality.

Sacred Women’s Business is proud to coach women just like you. Rebellious, high achieving, warm, soulful, heart-centred, powerful, courageous, generous, intelligent, trail-blazing, spiritual and sensitive women have walked the path with me. I’ve watched you shine, cry, stumble, laugh, celebrate, freeze and breakthrough the stickiest blocks and limiting beliefs. I’ve watched some of you move mountains with your determination and conviction. I’ve stood by as you’ve achieved the impossible in your businesses.

I have been so deeply humbled by the sheer, magnanimous effort that it takes to build, sustain and create a heart-centred service-based business like yours.

I have been even more deeply humbled by how hard you have worked to see your dreams becoming a reality. To witness amazing 6-figure launches and world-first-schools being created and never-seen-before services being launched that completely alter the mainstream paradigm. It’s been life-changing to see you awakening to your power and moving mountains.

It’s been life-changing to see the Divine Feminine spirit rising in glory. My life’s work and dream has become a reality in the very real expansion of the power of She in the world.

I am beyond proud of everything you have achieved in your often quiet, humble and gentle way in 2016. Well done, beloveds. I acknowledge and celebrate you as this year draws to a close. Even if we have never met in person, please know that your mere energetic presence in my community is one of the greatest blessings.

Have the most wonderful week and many blessings,

PS: Interested in Coaching with me before my price hike? Read the Special Announcement below

Special Announcement

As we close down 2016, it’s natural to start thinking about what you’d like to call in for 2017.

This is a special announcement for you if you’re thinking about what you’d like to create in your service-based business in 2017. Perhaps it’s a launch, a program or a book idea you’d like to create. Maybe you’re wanting to attract an abundance of ideal, dream clients (hello, my specialty).

You’re wondering who you need to be and what you need to do in order to manifest the dreams that have been percolating for such a long time.

You’re wondering if it’s possible to make your business work for you (instead of the other way round!).

This offer is especially for you if you feel:

  • Overwhelmed, uncertain of your business direction
  • Like you’re spinning your wheels and not making the kind of progress in your service business that you hoped and dreamed for
  • Lack of clarity especially when it comes to your offerings, programs, and packaging them up so that they sell
  • Self-worth issues around receiving adequate abundance for the amount of energy you put forward
  • Paralyzed by your big-mission plans

My coaching process is based on harmonizing the 4-poles of your business – your spiritual, mental, emotional and physical directions that keep you in balance and harmony

When we work together we’ll create magic with my intuitive and pragmatic biz smarts combined with your rebellious, intelligent and motivated spark of genius zones.

I’m not afraid to call you out on your ‘stuff’, make a fierce accountability stand for you to ‘do the do’ and also provide you with good old-fashioned love, care, nurture and support when it’s needed. After clocking up thousands of hours of coaching and seeing many clients over a period of several years now, I can safely say I know what it takes to build a service business you love with all your heart.


Awesomeness #1.

Leonie Dawson’s amazing biz and life planners for 2017 are officially on sale. These planners contain some serious magic for manifesting your dreams. You can pick up your copies in time for 2017 here!

happy birthday to meThis is an affiliate link so I will receive a small commission for referring you if you do happen to purchase one of these magical beauties

Awesomeness #2.

Divine sister on the path Sharyn Holmes has just opened up places on her 2017 Sistermind. Sacred Women’s Business is stoked to be a guest teacher on this wonderful quest for just 10 amazing women

You can find out more about it here:

Awesomeness #3.

Long term client, friend, neighbour and beloved and inspirational sister Kylian Martin has opened up her teacher training. It’s a world first and it will sell out, so get in quickly if it calls to you. Read what Kylian has to say about her DEEP REST™ and PSOAS LOVE™ Teacher Training here:


Collectively we are b e y o n d ready for this work.

People are S T A R V I N G for it.

Modern life has our brain and adrenals “always-on”… We’re activated, stressed and rest-deprived like never before.

No wonder the Psoas is pissed off – and we are seeing a burn-out and adrenal fatigue epidemic.

We’ve forgotten how to rest!

But a rest renaissance is afoot.

A n d . I . a m . l e a d i n g . it . . .

With DEEP REST™ and PSOAS LOVE™ Teacher Training.

It presses love into all the right places. It’s about facilitating Profound Nervous System Repair. Granting permission and guiding people back to their true North. Going at a human pace. It’s about choosing to prioritise rest. Taking a stand. Making amends with ourselves on a very deep, cellular level. With compassion and grace and Psoas smarts. Yes, it’s a recalibration that’s both science-based and soulful.

You’ll learn leading-edge bio-technology that forms my revolutionary ‘secret-sauce’ methodology. The guest teachers have been my own teachers – including some of the worlds most renowned experts in the field. Together we are causing a Rest Revolution! We are responding to the collective health crisis epidemic. And it calls for ordinary people who are ready to become certified teachers of this extraordinary work, and then powerfully and lovingly lead – by teaching what they love.

I promise your Psoas, nervous system and adrenals will give you a standing ovation at the end of this training. It will transform your health, rewire your neurology and enrich your professional practice – for the rest of your life. You will graduate laden with tools to empower and liberate yourself and your students – in the world of busy…

It will NOT be a mass-produced, mediocre training.

This will be an intimate, exquisite, unprecedented training journey of excellence.

There will only be 16 places.

It. Will. Sell. Out.

I will announce the details (dates, structure, venue, guest teachers [OMG!], cost, application process) in just a few days.

But I will not announce that here or on the website for a few weeks. Want to get it?

Sign up here for VIP updates:…

Go here to read more about the training:

This is it, baby. All love, Kylian

This is not an affiliate link and I will not receive commission for referring you. However, please do tell Kylian I sent you so that she knows where her gorgeous and cherished referrals come from

Awesomeness #4. 

The Yoni Mapping Practitioner Training has officially opened for enrollments. Sacred Women’s Business is beyond excited to be a contributing teacher to this revolutionary work by a courageous woman whom I have deeply admired for a long time: Bonnie Bliss. Find out all about the training here:

The Yoni Mapping Practitioner Training has officially opened for enrolments. Sacred Women’s Business is beyond excited to be a contributing teacher to this revolutionary work by a courageous woman whom I have deeply admired for a long time: Bonnie Bliss. Find out all about the training here:

As you may know, my lectures and specialization in women’s pelvic physiology have formed part of my life’s work for over 15 years now. Come and join this revolutionary experience and become one of the first to be trained… This training is filling up fast.

This is not an affiliate link and I will not receive commission for referring you. However, please do let beautiful Bonnie  know that you found out about the training here.

Awesomeness #5. 

Jade eggs will bring back your sexy in 2017. I’ve already bought Christmas prezzies for my sisters and this year, I bought a whole selection of Jade Eggs. They are so awesome, I have decided to promote them. You can find out all about them here:

Jade eggs are made to support a supple, healthy vagina. If you’ve had babies (my birthday baby was 10lbs!!) or you’ve noticed your pelvic floor tone isn’t what it used to be…. These supportive little numbers will restore the floor (and your sex life and vitality to go with it).

This is an affiliate link and I will receive a small commission for referring you to this site. Please know that Sacred Womens Business only refers products and services we have tested and tried and that we love using xx

Lisa Fitzpatrick

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