Embodied Feminine Leadership Experience

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Embodied Feminine Leadership Experience

A Magical Audio Journey


I love it when a collaboration between kindred spirits results in magic.

Recently, I took part in an audio series with a wonderful inspirational friend from Pregnancy, Birth and Beyond radio, Lara Larita.

I spoke about embodied feminine leadership and what it means, while Lara worked her magic to make sure it was a series worth hearing.

Lean in and find out:

  • What embodied feminine leadership actually means
  • Why a feminine shift is necessary to restore balance on the planet
  • How you can enjoy a greater sense of wellbeing and balance no matter what your current circumstances
  • Why the world really needs you and your gifts right now
  • How to act like a spiritual warrior even when you’re afraid


listen here

You can tune into some other joyous audio collaborations with the amazing women at Pregnancy, Birth and Beyond including a heartfelt and vulnerable deep dive into the travails and hidden jewels of depression and abortion. Sacred Womens Business believes that a key to releasing the shame and stigma around these topics is to talk about them and I’m always over-the-moon to find courageous interviewers like Caroline Cowley and Annalee Atia who are prepared to go there.

For a soulful discussion on the usefulness of a dark night of the soul and motherhood as a transformation go here:

listen here

And for a candid discussion on healing from abortion go here:

I’d love to hear from you if you have any insights or personal experiences you’d like to share. Simply press reply to this email and send me a message or write in the comments below.

Thank you for being you.

Thank you for being brave enough to do life your way.

Thank you for being part of my deeply cherished tribe!

Lisa Fitzpatrick

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