Dying on a Stage and Being a Misfit

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Have you ever had a sneaky suspicion that you’re a misfit?

Have you ever realised that you’re simply not designed for the role of fitting in and that you’re not that comfortable standing out?

Being a misfit has been a common theme in my life and I even have the name to prove it (Miss Fitz, he he). I think for me it started with being part-Asian and progressed as various life experiences shaped me.

This week, I was honoured to share a little about my story on my friend Aesha Kennedy’s debut podcast ‘Brilliant Misfits.’ You can catch it here: http://www.aeshakennedy.com/001-heal-the-heart-of-your-business/ I’d love to invite you to leave your reviews for Aesha – what a talented interviewer she is.

I’m still buzzing on the adrenaline of speaking at #artfulbizcon in Melbourne over the weekend. The extraordinary Elle Roberts and her team were incredible, carefully tending to so much detail in the painstaking ways that it takes to run a live event.

Unpredictably, I had my first experience of dying on stage. The keynote I’d carefully and lovingly prepared and rehearsed and then rehearsed some more didn’t land in the way I’d intended it to and threw me into self doubt.

Having a shaky experience on stage taught me another lesson in forgiving myself for not being perfect. And it bought up all my stories about not fitting in and being a misfit. Thankfully, my brilliant room-mate Aesha Kennedy was with me in support and solidarity in my initial stages of self doubt. Thank goodness for the support of friends at times like that! I’ve done a few keynotes now and certainly had better days. I’m figuring that it’s inevitable that they won’t all go according to plan but it’s disappointing to fall short of expectations.

Sometimes no matter how much work and earnest effort and the best laid intentions you have, things don’t always go the way you hope they will. I died on stage because my language centres had partially shut down for the day (it had been an amazing day of speakers and I was last on the list) and no matter how hard I tried, trying to retrieve my stories with the ordered and considered delivery I’d planned eluded me. I faced one of the biggest fears we all have – of stumbling over important words in front of an audience. There’s talk that most people would rather face death than do public speaking. I enjoy it but I can see why they say that.  I’m normally pretty relaxed when exposing my vulnerability but I felt like I’d left the articulate and poised side to me somewhere else that day.

Thankfully I had a forgiving and kind audience. It’s disappointing to feel like I’d possibly let a warm audience and generous hosts down. The whole experience really challenged me to go straight into self-enquiry mode. What’s important to me? Setting out with an honest and earnest heart and sharing my story. Doing the work in the world that feels aligned with my mission and my soul purpose, being true to myself and not being so sensitive to the misfit tag I carry.

Redemption thankfully followed. I was able to find my true voice when I delivered my workshop on ‘7 Practices for Charismatic and Magnetic Feminine Leadership’ the next day. I felt so utterly blessed to be able to do the work that makes my heart sing. This was the kind of workshop that makes my heart bubble over with joy and gratitude. I’ve come home with a song in my soul and dived straight into teaching on the 80 hour Byron Bay Women’s Yoga Teacher Training on all of the women’s empowerment topics I’m passionate about. I’ve come back around in a full circle and I’m embracing wellness teaching as a priceless and cherished part of my offerings. Sacred Women’s Business is coaching and training business and it keeps evolving in ways I could never have predicted but I’m enjoying the ride. I need to connect with my fellow misfits to thoroughly enjoy this adventure.

Check out this inspiring talk by Lidia Yuknavitch about how a misfit found her voice. Can you relate to this like I can?


I would love to hear what you think in the comments below.



A little snippet from the program guide

Meeting Evie Collins

The speakers line up complete with winter layers! From left to right – Melanie Midegs, Katie Wyatt, Jess May, Felicity Waters, Emma Veiga-Malta, Tash Corbin, Sylvia Chierchia, Dominique Oyston, me…

The lovely Emma Veiga-Malta from Bespoke Backdrops and fellow speaker

The gorgeous Renee Hasseldene

A fabulous chance catch up at the airport on the way home with money magnet Sylvia Chierchia


Check out the yoga training I’ve been teaching on this week. I’d love for you to join us next year if you feel called. It’s been one of the highlights of my year so far to be part of it.

Lisa Fitzpatrick

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