Divinely Feminine Wisdom

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Divinely Feminine Wisdom

Divinely Feminine Wisdom

Divinely Feminine Wisdom

Have you heard the news about this Divinely Feminine Wisdom around the world?  

I’ve stepped into a powerful circle of  heart-centered, divinely feminine energy dedicated to sharing feminine WISDOM, LOVE, and BEAUTY and destined to transform women’s lives around the world.

It’s the Goddess Talk Sessions and I’m inviting YOU to be a part of it!

Join thousands of women who plan to be a part of the sacred energy and intention behind this sacred event!

Loved one, I am one of the 16 featured Goddesses brought together by Transformation Goddess, Shann Vander Leek for the 2nd Annual #GoddessTalkSessions – A divinely feminine gathering for women who want to walk in beauty. Shann is a force of nature who is a 7x best-selling author, award winning podcaster, producer of the Divine Feminine Spotlight, and coproducer of Anxiety Slayer and mentor to women worldwide.

I’m fired up about being a part of this complimentary two-week event featuring some of my visionary friends and peers along with some new friends.

Check out this gathering of FEMININE WISDOM ==>

Receive access to valuable transformational gifts when you register. You’ll receive immediate access to 5 Gifts from our Sacred Sponsors and then eight gifts each week throughout the two-week series from all 16 featured speakers – including ME.

With a collective of feminine wisdom like this, you’re sure to be inspired, empowered and transformed! You’ll be circling up with some extraordinary women in the fields of personal & spiritual development, positive psychology, self-empowerment, Divine Feminine, energy, finance, and success and more.

Step into the Circle NOW ==>> 

Your complimentary registration includes access to…

– 8 interviews per week for two weeks – September 23-October 1st
  • 16 Transformational LOVE OFFERINGS from all 16 Speakers worth thousands of dollars
  • 5 Empowering Gifts from this season’s Sacred Sponsors 

Register now and add valuable gifts to your personal development library so you can begin to walk in beauty with the strength, courage and pleasure of claiming your feminine sovereignty.

Step into the Circle NOW ==>> 

The Goddess Talk Sessions will teach you how to walk in beauty…be a part of it.

What people are saying about The Goddess Talk Sessions:

“This gift of your Goddess Talk Sessions has touched my soul immensely. Your level of engagement – oh my!  And your own level of connectedness with each conversation was perfection. I am at an “amazing” crossroads In my own path and it is such a gift that  I discovered these sessions at this point in time. I appreciate all that you have put into creating this event.” – Jean

“Shann, Your emphasis on walking in beauty has awakened me to the central place beauty has had in my being. I am actively reclaiming my love and passion for beauty as one of my gifts, teachers and healing agents in my life. Thank you.”Susan

“Thanks so much for this series; I have to say it went about as deep as it gets. You really packed these sessions with such juiciness! Thanks for all the effort you put into the interview process and questions you asked your guests. It was truly an enlightening experience.”Angela

“You bring out the very best in each of the beautiful women you interview. They are all phenomenal! Your beauty really shows through in your conversations.” Susan

P.S. Join the Goddess Talk Sessions HERE.


Check out this sublimely beautiful and touching writing especially for the bereaved by coaching client and dear friend Maureen Walsh.


Lisa Fitzpatrick

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