Did You Make it Happen? {Some Timely Advice}

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Welcome welcome to Sacred Women’s Business. You have found your way home here and it’s so great to see you!

We had a wonderful time at Pursue Your Passion under the Samakata Tipis in Bangalow on the weekend. Were you there? So many magical moments and heartfelt advice was shared about different ways to achieve soul purpose success.

If you’ve been following me for a while, you know how much it means to me to support women to not only find their purpose, but to turn it into a successful business that brings them self-determination and sovereignty over their lives.

If you didn’t make it along, I’ve recorded this video with a snippet from my speech about some absolutely essential advice for all women. It’s some advice that I received from one of my favourite mentors, my 102 year old friend Margaret.

Check it out:

p.s. if you’d like support to express your soul purpose secrets out loud to someone who understands how important they are, why don’t you book yourself in for a complimentary coaching chat here?

p.p.s. The most fascinating thing that I find all the time when I’m coaching women on soul purpose matters, is that they often know EXACTLY what it is that they’re meant to be doing in their businesses (think BIG) but they just need a little permission to go for it! I am opening up 3 spaces in March in my 90 day coaching program for 3 awesome women who are ready to step up and be accountable.  This program is by application only and it’s for you if :

  1. You have an existing coaching practice and would like to know how to fill it easefully, the feminine way, with high calibre clients (the kind of clients you love)
  2. You’re in a service based business and you want to fine-tune your online presence to make sure it’s speaking to the right clients and attracting the right people into your business
  3. You’re ready to start charging what you’re really worth for your services – so that your prices are in alignment with the true gifts you bring to your service.
  4. You’re ready to invest in your next level of success

If this is you, you’ll know it, you’ll feel it and you’re so welcome to apply!

Fill in your application form here: http://bit.ly/1GGO0HN

From right to left: Elizabeth Briedis (speaker from Spell Designs), Shelley Craft (TV presenter and MC), Gabe (The Voice finalists Gabe and Cecilia), Michelle Merrifield (speaker from Essence of Living), Kristal Brown (The Holistic Project – co-organiser, Positive Peeps), Cecilia (The Voice finalist), Me J, Helena Duncan (The Holistic Project – co-organiser).


Come and join me for lunch this week to celebrate this year’s International Women’s Day in Ballina on Friday 6th March at 12 noon. The theme this year is ‘Make It Happen.’ International Women’s Day celebrates the achievements of women world-wide. As you know, supporting women to thrive and achieve greater levels of equality is such a driving force for me as a coach and the one thing that keeps me so passionate and motivated. If you’re local, I’d love for you come along so I can meet you in person. I’m delighted to be a keynote speaker and will be so excited to share my soul purpose success secrets for women. See the flyer below for more details. You can book here:
or email me at sacredwomensbusiness@yahoo.com.au
if you have any enquiries. Bring a friend and let’s make it a date.

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