Did You Hear The Call?(A Happy Mother’s Day Gift For You and Your Prosperity)

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Just a quick love letter to you today.

Here Down Under we celebrate Mother’s Day on Sunday May 11th. If you’re a mother, you should be cherished and celebrated no matter what day it is. In fact, if you’re not a mother you should also be cherished and celebrated no matter what day it is!

If you missed the call ‘Find Your Purpose and Turn it Into Prosperity – an interview with Ava Waits’ here’s the replay link.


Ava showed us what it takes to live on purpose and turn it into a sustainable, rewarding income. She shared some juicy secrets about how to do what you love AND receive abundance.

  • How to heal your wealth consciousness
  • How to experience a ‘turning point’ in your business to start consistently turning your abundance into a positive balance
  • How to overcome the guilts and start earning the money that truly reflects your priceless contributions

Too many heart-centred, conscious entrepreneurs are struggling with their prosperity blocks.

Just think about what you would do if you had the abundance to support your communities in the places where it’s needed most. Imagine if wealth was redistributed into the hands of caring women (like you) who care about the health and wellbeing of the earth and all her people.

I hope you enjoy your gift. Use it as a time to recline. You deserve it!


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