Depressed, Single and Broke. I felt like Australia’s Biggest Loser {and how I changed it}

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Do you wish it were possible to be supported by your talents, doing what you love?

I used to think it wasn’t possible.

I took a mainstream path and did a Physiotherapy degree because I thought it would give me a channel for healing people and making a difference. I felt like a fish out of water because I was unable to squeeze myself into the mainstream medical model. So I re-trained as a yoga teacher and kept my bridging job as a Physio for way too long because I wasn’t sure how to support my kids and myself any other way. I was stuck in my Physio role for years, agonising over what it would take to replace the income. There were no other jobs I knew of that would allow me to work casual hours by design. As a Physio, I always had the luxury of deciding where and when and what days I’d work. There was never any shortage of jobs or clients. I never had to market myself because there was work everywhere I turned. I’ll be forever grateful for that luxury, but it was a double-edged sword for so long.

The problem was that I wasn’t enjoying it. I felt like life wanted more from me. I started working minimal hours in an attempt to minimise the levels of dissatisfaction I was feeling and quickly found myself broke and depressed. Being single was the icing on the cake. At one point, I was scratching around to find $5 for the kids lunches and I realised I’d also taken on a spiritual vow of poverty. I felt empty despite my belief in benevolence and my love of my spiritual practice. Depressed, single and broke – I felt like Australia’s biggest loser.

Yet, I had no idea how to transition out of work that had looked after me for so long, nor how I could pay the bills and keep my family and myself afloat in any other way. I looked at throwing myself into teaching yoga but my teaching roles were requiring me to travel a lot. Even though I absolutely loved travelling, yoga and teaching, my roles weren’t conducive to being there for my kids, especially as their school work got more serious. Too many evening classes when my kids needed me at home. Too many morning school buses to catch at the same time that yoga classes were scheduled. Too many favours being asked from family to support me and my kids while I flew all over the place to teach.

I often prayed for and wished I’d had a mentor who could outline and guide me through the series of steps I’d need to take to get out there and do what I was made for.

  • I knew deep in my bones I could offer transformation.
  • I knew I could offer hope and healing.
  • I knew I was a natural born teacher
  • and I knew I was good at zeroing in on people’s strengths and helping them find their genius zone.
  • most importantly, I had faith in benevolence. Why would it be guiding me so strongly unless there was really something better for me?

I still just wasn’t sure how I could do these things and still support my family.

One day, I sat down and watched an episode of ‘Australia’s Biggest Loser’ at my sister’s place.

It was in the days when I didn’t own a television set as both my boys were attending Steiner School where television was strongly discouraged. Let me tell you now, one of the fastest ways to reconnect with your soul purpose is to give up watching television. Ironically, it was through a television show that I had a realisation that lead me to reskill.

I found myself bawling my eyes out at the triumphs the contestants were experiencing as they succeeded in their mission to lose weight.

It triggered a realisation that the one thing I’d always loved most about being a therapist, was watching my clients win and championing their recovery. The one thing I’d always loved about yoga teaching was watching my students ‘get it’ and connect to their body wisdom. The one thing that had always ignited me, was when someone realised just how good and how vast and how extraordinary they really were.

It was the first step towards transitioning into a role that ignited me more than any other. Championing somebody else was one thing I knew I could spend hours doing without looking at the time.

Are you clear on what brings you to life?

Are you clear on what you look forward to doing?

Where do you lose track of time?

The second step was to find what types of roles would actually pay me to immerse myself in doing more of what brings me to life – championing others, finding their genius zone, supporting their transformation.

 It was obvious that coaching was a fantastic option to bring all these things together.

The final thing I needed to do was to educate myself as a coach and then bring awareness around how to monetise my skills so I could quit my soul-sucking bridging job once and for all.

Within a year of making my decision, I’d completed my coaching training and was taking paying clients. Since then, I have enjoyed my role as a coach like no other role before because it is a true match for what I believe I was made for. No more dissatisfaction. A feeling of deep abiding fulfilment on a regular basis and an income that feels comfortable. How does it get better than that?

It is totally possible for you to be in a role that honours your natural genius zone and go-given talents AND be financially supported by your gifts too.

Let me take you by the hand.

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In our call, we’ll discuss your vision for your life and explore your hopes and dreams together. I’ll laser in on what you were made for and give you clarity on your next steps. We’ll discuss whether one of my coaching packages is right for you too.

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P.S. Imagine feeling completely supported by your gifts. 
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This week I have the utter pleasure of shouting out loud about one of my star clients Kylian.
Kylian has created an entire movement around her juicy teachings – a rest revolution. It’s for those of us who have ever felt exhausted, tired, over-stimulated and undernourished. It’s for those of us with sensitive nervous systems who need reminding to stop, to go within and to find the stillpoint that brings us back into balance. I can’t recommend Kylian’s work highly enough. She is transforming lives and now her website is live! Take a look at her amazing offerings’t forget to pick her free ‘reset your nervous system audio’ while you’re there!

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  1. Star on April 16, 2015 at 9:14 am

    Thank you Lisa for your deeply heartfelt and vulnerable sharing! You give hope to so many honey! 🙂 xxxx

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