Create Wealth Doing Your Soul’s Work

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Create Wealth Doing Your Soul’s Work

Event: No-Cost Interview Series starting September 16, 2019

create wealth

Ever wonder how to create wealth while doing your soul’s work?

If there’s one thing I’ve learned on my spiritual journey, it’s that cash and consciousness aren’t mutually exclusive. In fact, earning real, sustainable money from my soul’s work and through doing things that light me up, not only brings me true joy, it also allows me to make a bigger positive difference in the world, which is my deepest motivation.

Money is not the purpose. Purpose is the purpose, and money is a wonderful tool that allows our highest visions to be realized in the biggest way possible!

However, this is something that I had to learn, because I used to think quite the opposite.

Receiving Money for Doing Your Life’s Work

Receiving money for doing my life’s work has not been an easy road. So many heart-centred, sensitive and empathic women struggle to receive. We are so over-accomplished at over-giving and over-delivering. I’ve reached a few low points in my life where I simply couldn’t make ends meet.

I remember once scrambling through the creases of my couch, hoping to find some gold coins for my son’s lunch money. It was a real turning point, a time when I realised that I had made an unconscious vow of spiritual poverty like so many women do. I made a new promise to myself – that I would commit to creating a sustainable energy exchange for my services. It meant taking a giant leap of faith and increasing my prices, but it was worth the stretch. It meant that those who were ready to invest in my work were truly committed to it.


Maybe you, too, have done your own healing work and have your Reiki, bodywork, or coaching certification in hand, ready to transition from student to practitioner and contribute your sacred gifts to the world.


  • You secretly believe your gifts don’t have real value and aren’t worth paying for.
  • You’re uncertain what your gifts even are or how to tie all your experiences and certifications together into your offering to the world.
  • You’re unsure if it is ok to ask for money. It doesn’t seem spiritual to become wealthy using your gifts.
  • You don’t know how to get started + lack the confidence to start offering your gifts.

I often see this make women over-give which leaves them feeling burnt out and resentful. As you can imagine, that makes it hard to SUSTAIN offering their gifts to the world!

Receiving Wealth

What would it look like if female healers, creatives, therapists, and coaches open-heartedly received wealth in exchange for the contributions they were making?

My friend Toni-Anne Campbell, a powerful Spiritual Success Coach with 15 years as a practicing psychologist, believes it all begins with you identifying the sacred gifts you have to give and what your soul’s purpose is… and then allowing yourself to receive money and wealth from work that uses those gifts and aligns with that purpose.

No-Cost Interview Series

That’s why Toni-Anne created the no-cost interview series The Spiritual Success Revolution: How to Create Massive Wealth Through Activation of Your Sacred Gifts and Soul Mission.

I feel so fortunate and blessed that Toni-Anne reached out to me. I was ready to decline further invitations to speak on summits for the rest of 2019 (as you know, I’ve been doing a few of these lately and I sincerely didn’t want to overload you). However, this topic was too juicy to say no to.

What You’ll Learn

You’ll learn from me and 20+ conscious leaders who’ve created real, sustaining wealth doing our soul work, including:

  • Lisa Marie Grantham: who successfully turned her passions and purpose into a leveraged multi six-figure laptop business while remaining spiritually conscious
  • Shereen Sun: business mentor who created a sacred 6-figure online business by being a creative rebel on her terms
  • Rev Karen Russo: Spiritual Money Momentum Coach & author of ‘The Money Keys’, endorsed by Michael Bernard Beckwith, T. Harv Eker, and Bob Proctor
  • Cathy Christen: serial entrepreneur, keynote speaker, life + business strategist & best-selling author who helps misfits & dropouts become successful entrepreneurs
  • Ariella Indigo: ascension guide, mentor, & alchemist who went from a mystic living in a caravan to operating a 6 figure business in 21 months

You’re Invited!

If you love transformation in sisterhood and are ready to be inspired that this is TOTALLY possible for you too, I’d love to invite you to join us for this no-cost series.

By the end of this series (starting September 16th PST), you’ll walk away with…

  • Practical strategies for wealth creation and a freedom-filled lifestyle to implement straight away
  • Stories of how they did it without losing their spiritual side and connection with source
  • The tools to change your money story and make a sustainable contribution for years to come
  • Perspective shifts and simplified concepts around money + spirituality that will change your life forever

Reserve your spot for The Spiritual Success Revolution
(no charge)

to Create Wealth doing your soul’s work!

Bottom line: your gifts are profoundly important, and the world is waiting for them. I hope to see you in there!

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Lisa Fitzpatrick

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