Collapse, Reinvention, Prayers and Cauldrons

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Collapse, Reinvention, Prayers and Cauldrons – Exciting News from the land of Oz


The pregnant pause carries a potency that is underestimated by our mainstream society. To take a deep recline, to surrender to beingness and not doingness, to press pause, takes so much courage.  Especially at this manic time of the year when it’s easy to get caught in a slipstream and flurry of activity and doingness.

Reinvention Starts with a Pause

I’m inviting you to take time to get silent and still for 5-10 minutes a day. If you already have an established meditation practice, challenge yourself to stay a little longer than usual at this time of the year.  Once you are there, take a look inside the pregnant pause which exists in the breath that fills the belly and pelvis. It is only through getting completely still and silent and inhabiting the belly that we can hear that small, quiet voice of intuition that guides us home to ourselves and our best path again and again. Pauses are full of possibility, uncertainty, mystery and magic.

Accepting Uncertainty

In a world that values certainty, it can be a challenge to accept uncertainty as an important part of the whole. It can be a challenge to sit still, to be in silence, to stop distracting yourself from the maddening distractions. Yet stopping and exploring the pause is what we all must do if we are to make conscious choices about the road ahead.

Uncertainty, mystery and magic are the feminine and subjective elements that interweave with the masculine elements of certainty, rationality, linear and outcome-based thinking to create wholeness. The patriarchy has been heavily weighted towards valuing the rational, the measurable and linear for several generations now. Yet, if we are to truly embrace all of who we are, with a sense of deep wholesomeness, we must accept the mystery, the not-knowing, the uncertainty, no matter how uncomfortable this may feel at times. Ageing gracefully requires this of us. Walking through life with equanimity requires this of us. Having a balanced life requires this of us, too.

Breath Into the Cauldron

When we stop still and breathe into the cauldron that sits in the centre of our being, inside the pelvis and gut, we are guided and shown so much clarity about our next steps. We are called to alchemise our own suffering into sacred activism. The compass that shows us to our divine nature comes with a paradox. A kryptonite of sorts. For here inside the cauldron of our gut and pelvis also lies our pain, our trauma and the deepest areas of our lives that require healing. To bypass inhabiting this area of our bodies (which so many of us are inclined to do due to the pain of our past trauma) causes us to favour an upper chest breathing pattern. It leads us to denying our shadow side, denying ourselves the discernment between true power and false power and leaving so much of our feminine power unclaimed. This is where we risk a life half-lived.

Being able to love ourselves, hold ourselves and be with ourselves even in the grief, pain and trauma is a courageous act that requires us to show up in the silence day after day.

An Invitation to Reinvention

Please see this email as an invitation to sit still, to relish the breath as it fully lands in the abdomen, pelvis and feeling line (centreline) of the body. I wish you the gift of deep peace, spaciousness and a daily pregnant pause complete with full, nourishing belly breaths this festive season. Especially as you navigate the triggering aspects of family and ancestral codes.

I am honoured that you are still here. I am so grateful that you have remained in my community. I hope that you will join me for one of the delicious and juicy offerings below in 2021. I wish you prayers of deep healing,

Whatever you have bubbling away in your cauldron for the festive season, please know that I am keeping you in my prayers always.

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Lisa Fitzpatrick

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