Up Close, Personal and Vulnerable

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Up Close, Personal and Vulnerable

up close, personal and vulnerable

In case you missed the news last week, I got really up close, personal and vulnerable recently in an interview with divine being and all-around soul-sister Michelle Reinhardt (founder of Entrepreneurs Globally Unite) in her fabulous new podcast.

Michelle managed to extract a few tears about my journey from a broken woman in a Centrelink queue to Sacred Women’s Business Coaching and a few things in between. It’s an honour to be part of the first episode at https://itun.es/au/nF3Sfb.c

My biggest hope is that sharing parts of my story will give you hope if you’re having a hard time right now.

Remember, you are not your circumstances and you are capable of so much more than your current circumstances might suggest.

During the interview, I also shared 3 of the most important factors to keep in mind when manifesting your dreams.

Your manifestor is not broken. A simple shift might be all it takes to get you to the place you most desire to be.

Remember that if you need guidance, simply reach out and let me know at lisa@lisafitzpatrick.com.au and we’ll book you in for a complimentary 20-minute chat to work out a plan.

Your time is now – get up close, personal and vulnerable
P.S:. Due to popular demand, I’ve opened up another two places for aspiring authors on my Book Mapping Mini Coaching Intensive with a couple of juicy bonuses thrown in. I’d be so delighted to share everything I know about mapping, planning, writing and publishing a book.

For just $495AUD you get the following support:

1.    2hrs of 1:1 coaching (you can take this as one session or 2 x 1hr sessions over one fortnight)
2.    a template to map your book content
3.    a Rolodex of all my recommended industry contacts
4.    a proforma on the 7 author archetypes – which one are you?
5.    A full personality profile (to help you find your authentic voice as a writer).
6.    An e- copy of my book, ‘Healing the Heart of Your Business – sustainable success for heart-centred women.’
7.     For this week only, 2 lucky people will get F.ree lifetime access to my popular self-study program – Heart Your Life – simple steps to finding your soul purpose.

If you’re interested, email me and say ‘yes please’ in the subject line and we’ll lock in a session for you. Writing a book is the single most powerful and life-changing thing you can do for your business. So if you’re being called, book your session now and come away with a clear plan for getting it done in 2017.


Lisa Fitzpatrick

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