Buddha's Advice for 2014

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Whether you are in the new beginnings of winter solstice in the northern hemisphere or summer solstice in the southern hemisphere, you are positioned on the earth at the delicate tipping point which is either moving towards the sun or away from it.

We are constantly playing in the polarities, with the shift between light and dark, the cycles of night and day and the extremes of hot and cold. Our sacred women’s business is also privy to the cycles evident in all of nature- the breathing in and breathing out of busy-ness and quiet, abundance and constriction, being sociable and unsociable, being open and being private. Our ability to accept where we are at plays a key role in the sustainability of our businesses.

If we make ourselves wrong for being too busy, if we beat ourselves up for what we haven’t achieved and if we don’t take considered and necessary time to reflect on all the successes we’ve had no matter how small, we may be engaging in the glass half full syndrome which doesn’t serve us to play the bigger game of life we are capable of.

Buddha says that in the end, only three things matter: how much you loved, how gently you lived and how gracefully you let go of the things not meant for you.

How true is that for you?

In 2013, did you love fiercely, with all of your heart?

Do you intend to love more in 2014?

In 2013, did you tread gently on the earth, offering subtle and soft feminine insight?

Does 2014 need more tenderness for you?

In 2013, did you gracefully let go of things not meant for you?

What do you need to gracefully let go of in order for 2014 to be the most powerful container for your highest transformation and growth?

This week, I am delighted to publish a poem written by a very cherished and special writer and subscriber to the Sacred Women’s Business community, Noel Canin. Thanks so much, Noel, for contributing this powerful poem for all women. For a ‘lovely line of women stepping without fear, or guilt or shame’.

May you move into 2014 with immense love in your heart, gentleness in your soul and with graceful surrender to all that is so.



We step into our lives

Bright beads of hope

One woman threaded to another.

The thread of hope

Catches on a slash of pain

Breaks, knots, flies up again.

The thread of loss

Its gnarled old presence

Calling to the strength of us.

The thread of rape

scars corrupt kindness

recovery a long slow shape.

The thread is PAIN

The thread is STOP

The thread is SET

And we will STAND

Thread by thread, hand by hand

In Africa and in Asia

In the West and in the East

And we will dance

And we will sing

And we will shake the earth

Our very lives depend upon

We will give our huge thundering heart

Back its ancient pregnant roar








Holding the thread

Breaking the chain

We are Lucille Clifton’s

“lovely line of women

stepping without fear

or guilt or shame.”


We are Eve Ensler’s Girl Cells

And the Song of Songs

The cry of Hallelluya

The transforming of all wrongs

We are Mothers and we are Daughters,

Sisters and Wives

we are Everywoman and each Woman

distinct beneath the skies

We are beginnings and we are ends

We are wisdom and we are ripe

We are One Billion Rising

A current set alight.

By- Noel Canin ©

Poet, Writers companion, English companion,

English editor, translator from Hebrew

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