Is Your Bridging Job Driving You Nuts?

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Are you planning on ditching your bridging job this year? I created a video last year especially to answer the question ‘should I ditch my bridging job?’

It all depends upon your personality type. Your bridging job might be your blessing job in disguise, especially if you can view it as a source of support and nourishment to your business.

If you would like to make 2015 the year you ditch your bridging job, come and coach with me and let’s start making some business plans together. I know all too well the pain of how it feels to be stuck in a role that doesn’t truly fit your talents and abilities.

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There’s limited places left to coach with me in 2015 but the gap is closing fast. Jump in, because once full, there will be a waiting list until March 2015.



My friends Rev. Anne Preusel and Sherry Bowers are still offering you a giveaway, specifically geared toward spiritual entrepreneurs!

There are free e-books, audio trainings, audio meditations and video trainings when you sign up here:



If you’re interested in coming along for some live inspiration around pursuing your passion and finding your purpose, I’m humbled to be speaking at @TheHolisticProject ‘s motivational event for female entrepreneurs and creatives in the beautiful Byron Shire in Feb next year! I’ll be speaking alongside some seriously inspiring women in business and creativity, as well as some amazing musicians including @gabrielandcecilia from The Voice! For more details and to purchase your tickets now head to PURSUE YOUR PASSION.

If you’re not already clear on your soul purpose, this is the perfect event for you.



Are you a yoga teacher who is interested in supporting people through a health crisis? Kate Moody and I would love to invite you to this amazing training that was so profoundly supportive to its participants in 2014. I’m so looking forward to teaching on the training again in Feb and March 2015.

with Kate Moody, Ana Davis,
Katherine Smith & Lisa Fitzpatrick

This is an invitation to explore a uniquely feminine yoga teacher training, specialising in Women’s vitality ~ preventing a health crisis in a woman’s life cycle & the recovery & restoration process from a health crisis.

This course is open to all yoga teachers who have already received a 200 hour level yoga training or equivalent from any tradition. There also needs to be a genuine desire to specialise in the area of women’s health & recovery from a health crisis.

This course is also open to women who have a deep yearning to take their personal yoga practice to the next level or establish new feminine practices.

The professional certificate you will receive at the end of the 2 modules will be ~ “Certificate of Completion”. Please note: This training is not accredited at this stage.

The training will introduce you to the healing power of restorative (yin-feminine) yoga, meditations, relaxations & self-soothing practices. They are aimed at supporting & honouring the sacred rites of passage & transitions women experience throughout their life cycle.

In our busy modern world, stress can readily accumulate within a woman’s life cycle. This can trigger illnesses, back problems, burnout, a breakdown in the quality of life, depression, and depletion of a woman’s feminine energy & sensuality.

This comprehensive & holistic (physical, mental, emotional, energetic & spiritual) approach will facilitate a vibrant relationship with the female body (body wisdom & intelligence), cultivate internal balance within the pelvic region (a woman’s fundamental power & creative centre), and restore overall radiant well-being (feminine vitality ~ balancing the masculine & feminine energetics). The training and skills you will receive are essentially for empowering women to care for themselves in a conscious & respectful way, that will nourish their feminine soul.


  • Restorative & feminine vitality yoga sequences, mudras, pelvic meditations & rejuvenating relaxations.
  • Understanding of the energetic map & flow of a woman’s feminine form, and other fundamental principles for developing sequences & structuring classes.
  • Structured class plans that will allow you to bring in your own creativity & intuition for the feminine needs of your women’s class.
  • Exploration of the human experience through the “kosha” yoga model in relationship to women’s well-being & vitality.
  • Honouring the humanity during the transitions of a woman’s life cycle.
  • Understanding the universal healing & recovery process within a health crisis.
  • Understanding the healing power within stillness & light.
  • Honouring spirituality, rituals, rites of passage, & universal themes within a woman’s life cycle.
  • Moving through grief &trauma, & developing emotional intelligence.
  • Sacred tantra & yoga practices for cultivating feminine sexuality, sensuality, spirituality & soul maturity for the nourishment of a woman’s feminine essence.
  • Exploring your feminine essence with pelvic anatomy, meditations & self care.
  • Exploring the healing power of yoga, nutrition, & awareness around women’s hormones, in relationship to the phases of a woman’s menstrual cycle & transition into menopause.
  • Exploring the hormone/endocrine system, & gain skills in offering lifestyle & dietary advice to clients / yoga students.
  • Understanding the feminine & masculine principles; and the importance of deeply nourishing the feminine & rebirthing a new healthy masculine in a woman’s psyche.
  • Become more grounded & embodied within your feminine wisdom as a teacher.
  • Discover a sensual vibrant relationship with your body’s wisdom & intelligence, personal power & creativity.
  • Increase your feminine energy, vitality & presence as a woman & yoga teacher.
  • Support during training & on-line support forum, thereafter the training.
  • Discussing and exploring themes around designing classes, workshops, retreats, ethics & responsibilities as a teacher & other juicy authentic discussions.
  • A yoga business model; working in alignment & relationship with your menstrual cycle to access your greatest power, clarity and feminine flow and nourishment for you & your business.

In addition to myself teaching, there will be another three health practitioners joining the team, who I highly respect & admire in their respective professions. These amazing women will be offering an incredible rich feminine flavour & education to the training.

The training will also teach you female pelvic anatomy & care with a physiotherapist & yoga teacher ~ Lisa Fitzpatrick. Lisa is an experienced and certified transformational coach, intuitive healer, registered physiotherapist, certified yoga teacher, workshop facilitator, entrepreneur, writer, speaker and mother.

Lisa has been teaching anatomy and physiology for yoga and yoga for women on yoga teacher trainings in Australia and Japan since 2008. Lisa’s specific teachings on the training, will explore the relationship between the pelvic floor and cultivating a woman’s feminine-shakti ~ the key to restoring & nourishing a woman’s feminine vitality. The teachings will also explore the lower three chakras and the pelvis, the metaphysical and physical causes of imbalances, and tools for rebalancing and cultivating pelvic wellness & overall vitality.

I also see nutrition to be an equally vital aspect for restoring & nourishing women’s well-being. Consequently, I have invited Katherine to present her wealth of knowledge around nutrition, hormones, & the endocrine system for the different phases of a woman’s menstrual (moontime) cycle and transition through menopause.

Katherine is a women’s wellness & life transition mentor & is a licensed teacher of The Art Of Feminine Presence [TM]. She draws on her training & clinical experience in nursing, naturopathy, natural fertility management counselling, somatic psychotherapy, women’s circle & rites of passage facilitation. In this training program Katherine’s teachings will focus on understanding the inter-relationship of hormones & the endocrine glands & how imbalances may manifest physically & emotionally. The teachings will also focus on the hormonal, biological, emotional & energetic shifts that occur throughout the menstrual cycle & at peri-menopause & menopause.

Yoga has been an ever-present part of Ana’s entire adult life. She has been a keen yoga practitioner since 1990, and has been teaching since 1996. Ana offers her own specialized Pre & Post natal yoga teacher training and beautiful women’s yoga workshops throughout Australia, Bali & Japan.

On the training, Ana will be teaching her “Moving with the Moon” yoga sequences for menstrual & perimenopause; for women of all ages & stages in their life cycle. The teachings will offer you an overview of how a woman’s monthly cycle works and how you can use yoga to rejuvenate your energy levels each month when you menstruate. Ana’s teachings will also be focused around ways to enhance a woman’s experience of her monthly moon cycle & perimenopause stage in life, which facilitates unleashing a woman’s feminine shakti power at any age in a woman’s life cycle!

Kate is based in Melbourne, and offering her work as a yoga teacher, a women’s wellbeing mentor, and founder of ‘Radiant Wellbeing’, specialising in women’s health & vitality. Due to her own healing journey with the chronic fatigue syndrome, Kate is passionate about offering women the experience of sacred “rest & restoration” within stillness, that brings every woman home to her true nature; allowing her to surrender into the innate intelligence of her feminine body wisdom.

She specialises in the areas of pre & post natal wellbeing, chronic illness & trauma recovery. Kate’s teaching style is flowing & graceful, and supports women to re-connect with their natural energy flow & feminine essence. In 2013, Kate was invited by Ana Davis, founder of Bliss Baby to join her faculty of teacher trainers for the international “Pre & Post Natal Yoga Teacher Training” that is presented throughout Australia and Japan .

What Kate is able to bring to this Women’s Yoga Teacher Training are:

  • The key life transforming techniques that she worked within her CFS recovery that restored radiant wellbeing within her body and re-aligned her internal connection deeply to her menstrual cycle & shakti-power and inturn, externally to the cycles within nature.
  • Healing restorative & feminine yoga sequences, meditations and relaxations to support recovery and restoration process for women’s health and vitality.
  • A yoga business model; working in alignment & relationship with your menstrual cycle to access your greatest power, clarity and feminine flow and nourishment for you & your business.
  • Lots of juicy authentic discussions & processes.

When we connect into the internal awareness within our feminine cycles to external rhythms within nature, this powerful connection provides us with the gateway to our inner wisdom, within the stillness & connection with source, and the clarity to honour our own healing road map that is right for us.

Over the last 15 years, Kate has also studied a Family Therapy Post Graduate Training that uniquely explored the fundamentals for humanness & wellbeing, and other professional & traditional teacher trainings in Rebirthing breathwork, yoga, tantra & spirituality.


Feel free to give me a call on 0439 995 730
for further enquiries and / or to receive
a “Syllabus” information package.


The next 2015 training date is happening in Melbourne:

  • Module 1: 27th Feb – 2nd Mar
  • Module 2: 27th – 30th March

For 2x 4 day modules + manuals + on-line support
EARLY BIRD PRICE ~ $1979 prior to December 2014. Thereafter, $2279. Payment plans available.

At the heart of the Women’s vitality & restoration yoga teacher training, there will be a wild feminine flavour & juiciness of love, fun, laughter, healing, empowerment, feminine radiance, & heart opening experiences & discussions.

We look forward to offering you a wonderful, comprehensive, supportive & nurturing training for your personal & professional development.

Kate x

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