Awesome Manifesting Resources

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Need Some Awesome Manifesting Resources?

Awesome Manifesting Resources

Do you need some Awesome Manifesting Resources? Read on!

Lately, I’ve been enjoying a wonderful new love relationship with a gorgeous man I met on Plenty of Fish (an internet dating site).

Believe me, I did not expect to find a quality relationship from internet dating, but it felt worthwhile raising my expectations in order to meet someone. I also had an agreement with myself that I wouldn’t share too much about my private life through my blogs but here we are :o). Sometimes, a good thing just has to be shared.

For the past four years that I’ve worked as a coach, I’ve had a belief that I was powerful at manifesting what I want in all areas of my life except love. So whenever a client asked if they could be coached in the realm of relationships, my standard answer would be, ‘sorry that’s definitely not my area of coaching.

The Byron Shire is a place where the goddess energy is strong. Women do exceptionally well here. For a long time it appeared that there’s been a lack of strong masculine energy in sight. No offence to the amazing men who live in my area. I’ve enjoyed rich, fulfilling and supportive connections with many powerful women and men both locally and online. However, in the realm of love and intimate relationships, I was beginning to believe that destiny planned for me to walk a more solo path, one I was almost resigning myself to walk in some ways.

The stigma that my generation tends to hold about internet dating, clouded any excitement about the process for sure. But it was the only way for a busy person to meet someone outside my immediate circles. I took a leap of faith and stepped outside my comfort zone.

One thing I’ve learnt in my business is that some awesome rewards come from stepping beyond your comfort zone. I don’t think I’ve ever been more terrified in my life than when I’ve stepped on a stage in front of hundreds of people, or signed up to work alongside some of the most awe-inspiring, high achieving human-beings. Dating via a dating site was equally as petrifying and my anxiety levels required the type of self-talk and self-coaching strategies I use before any kind of major business event.

As usual, I needed to call my sisters to share my anxieties and insecurities and to debrief. If you’ve ever internet dated before, you’ll understand the strange, unnatural feelings that come from engaging with a stranger before possibly meeting them, and being unable to holistically tap into the gut intuition that comes from someone’s physical presence. A virtual stranger is exactly that, they exist in the virtual world as a figment of your imagination and the usual instincts that allow you to ‘sense’ who they are. There’s so many things that need to be carefully considered behind the veil of the virtual world before you agree to actually meet someone in person. It’s not an easy place for a woman to navigate especially when safety is paramount.

I went on two dates that turned out to be way more fun than I’d expected.The second man I met turned into a ten-hour date, which we can both attest to being the Best. First. Date. Ever. Three months later and I’m still enjoying the ripples of goodness that have come from being prepared to show up that day. (I almost cancelled because my anxiety was so overwhelming). I can honestly say, the anxiety and stigma was worth overcoming, just like it always has for me every time I’ve shown up in my business.

And while I won’t cheapen the depth and complexity of love by comparing it to business, I would love to ask you a question.
How often are you stepping outside your comfort zone to get what you want in life or business?

Are there any areas of your life or business where you’re holding yourself back and choosing to be a smaller, safer version of your-self? What are one or two things that you know would make a big difference if you could just get over yourself enough to do them?

A good marketing plan will always include at least two activities a month where you are taking a ‘risk’ to step outside your comfort zone. Whether it’s showing up to speak, sharing a revealing blog, engaging in an interview or publishing an article or a book, you will only grow as much as you allow the uncertainty of outcome to be there. Managing uncertainty is one of the greatest skills we can ever master as human beings. The thing is, the steady, unchanging aspect of who you truly are is unshakeably solid and complete no matter what happens. And it’s completely independent of your external circumstances. No matter what your uncertainty may be, you can always find peace in the centre of your being, because it’s who you truly are. In the peak of anxiety, sometimes we need to be reminded of this.

My wise and wonderful older sister said, ‘even if you fall flat on your face and have your heart-broken in this whole internet dating business, you know that ultimately you’ll pick yourself up and be just fine.’ Thanks for the vote of confidence Gen!

And I want you to be reassured by this, too. You are a resilient, powerful, unlimited and fierce soul who will prevail no matter what life throws at you. Ultimately, no matter what adversity life or business brings you, you will pick yourself up, you will prevail and you will be just fine.

Try something you haven’t tried before. Get over yourself enough to give something uncomfortable and uncertain a try. What if you fail? (I have many times). You’ll pick yourself up, you will prevail and you will be just fine. What if you succeed? You might just land the most amazing book deal, client, relationship, opportunity….and you might just find yourself living your vision board too.

I believe in you,

With all that I am,


P.S: Interested in some 1:1 coaching? Why not reach out for some personal support toHeart Your Life while you work through the e-course? Drop me an email and I’ll email you a prospectus containing all the FAQs and coaching options available at Sacred Women’s Business.

P.P.S: Stay tuned for more awesome manifesting resources for you below…


(how to manifest your heart’s desires)

We’re in the final stretch of the year – how are your goals shaping up?

Maybe you’ve been dream boarding like crazy, writing down your goals in your journal every day, saying affirmations every day.
And then…. Nothing.

The procrastination sets in. The resistance screws up your plans. You get a speeding ticket in the post unexpectedly. Your website craps itself right in the middle of a launch. Your partner starts acting weird.

Maybe it’s not just the right time? Maybe the Universe is conspiring against you?

Nope. It’s not that you suck at manifesting. You’re probably missing pieces of the formula.

I want to share a new FREE resource with you from my friend and mentor, Denise Duffield-Thomas. It’s her very easy and practical Manifesting Formula.

Denise is an incredible money mindset mentor, AKA “The Lucky Bitch” whose best-selling books and courses have helped thousands of entrepreneurs step-up to create success and abundance.

Denise will share her process that will take you from “personal development junkie” into a manifesting MACHINE and money magnet.

She makes it easy, fun and totally chilled. There’s a free cheat sheet so you can play along.

Just sign up here (it’s free):

You don’t need to be perfect, meditate five hours a day or chant naked under a full moon to manifest your ideal life!

But you DO need to CLEAR your mind of any blocks, get CRYSTAL clear on your goals, infuse every part of your day with positivity, take inspired ACTION and learn to RECEIVE (yes, it’s a learned process – women really struggle with that part). Play along here:

AND- I’m a proud affiliate of Denise’s work. If you purchase something from her in the future, I may receive a commission at no extra cost to you.

p.s. email me at if you have any questions or feedback.

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Client of the week – Cari Taylor

Working and playing alongside #spiritualfeminineleaders like Cari Taylor is a huge honour. Here is a truly exceptional and wise woman who shares from her heart and is one of the most generous women I’ve ever worked with. Sign up for her free e-course ‘5 Steps to Inner Freedom’ and check out her graceful offerings here:

Lisa Fitzpatrick

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