#AspireMag Announces Top Ten Inspiring Books for December {we made it!}

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After a particularly challenging fortnight with an unsettled Scorpio moon unleashing her fury in the form of some difficult relationships, this week’s ezine comes with some welcome great news!

It feels incredibly important, now more than ever, to support you to realise that no matter what your challenges are: divorce, bereavement, depression, low self esteem, tragedy – you are always treasured and appreciated for being the unique expression of life that you are here at Sacred Women’s Business.

It can sometimes feel like an uphill battle to keep going and to stay the course when you are criticised or condemned. Yet staying the course and learning the lessons that come with being true to your life purpose is one way to truly consider business to be the ultimate spiritual practice. It’s an opportunity like no other and it’s not for the faint-hearted. Stay the course dear heart, you can do this. I’ve got your back! And I also appreciate the fact that some of these deep challenges are the exact catalyst that you need to stoke the fires of your life purpose. The injustices the pain, the imperfections – these are all showing you to your greatest expression in the world, just as much as your strengths are. You get to decide how you show up. And when you do, with full sincerity and commitment to your cause and to what you believe in, magic and miracles abound.

Healing the Heart of Your Business – sustainable success for heart-centred women’ has made it to Aspire Magazine’s ‘Top Ten Books’ List this month.


Click Here  to check out the other wondrous books on the list.

It’s such an honour and a privilege to be a part of this list created by the wonderful Linda Joy, who shares and upholds all of the values that Sacred Women’s Business holds dear – collaboration, connection, sharing, inspiring, healing and generosity. Being alongside a swathe of amazing women authors in collaboration is such a soothing and welcome saviour. Thanks Linda!

When faced with deep, dark challenges it’s a great opportunity to revisit what your values are and recommit to them.

Sacred Women’s Business values spiritual connection, leadership, generosity, rebelliousness (they don’t call me Miss Fitz for nothing), loving-kindness, abundance, embodiment and fun.

I love the fact that you show up here every week, in solidarity with my cause and I love the fact that somewhere, deep down inside you, you know you were born to lead with your heart.

I cherish you being a part of my beloved community and I can’t wait to love you up BIG TIME in 2016. I have so much I want to GIVE you and so much more I want to share.

So despite wanting to crawl under a doona and quit, facing criticism has made me more determined than ever to commit to my business (and personal) values and truly serve you in authentic and generous and heart-felt ways.

Bring it on!

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