Are You Feeling Too Old for all the Hoo-Ha? {How to Know When You’re Past Your Prime}

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Have you been feeling too tired to keep going lately?

Feeling too old?

Too past it?

Like maybe you’re a ‘has’ been?

How do you know when you’re past your prime?

Shouldn’t you just let go of the dream and settle for the everyday like everybody else?

Do you really think you can muster up the energy/time/courage to stay motivated?

I’ve got some good and bad news.

It is what you make of it. It’s what you decide it to be.

When I was 21, I went and saw a fortune teller who gave me the best reading I could have ever asked for. He said, ‘you’ll be the kind of woman who gets better as she gets older.’

Who knows whether it was true, but I went with it and I choose to remember it sometimes when I’m feeling… over 40.

When I was growing up, the millenium seemed like it was so far into the future. I remembering calculating that I would be 28 in the year 2000. I had trouble envisioning my life past that age right up until I actually turned 28. The year 2000, I welcomed the new millenium and my little soul traveller and son, Ezekiel, was born right on my 28th birthday. It was a profound Saturn Return, marked by all the usual cataclysmic identity crises that one often has when they move from maidenhood to motherhood.

I lost myself in motherhood before my world completely imploded. My relationship of 12 years ended and I felt so old I could have curled up in bed and never left it.  If it wasn’t for the love of my sons, I’m not sure I had any big ‘why’ to keep me going at that time of my life. I couldn’t imagine aging gracefully and I had no concept of what the future held.

Yet, those comforting words which I want to share with you, to comfort you too, you’ll be the kind of woman who gets better as she gets older.’

I choose to believe it. The subconscious mind always goes to work proving to us that our belief is true by creating experiences that match our beliefs. It’s true that I feel better than I did at 21. Back then, I was obsessed with every imperfection and I was a complete control freak. At 42 my age has doubled since then and I feel twice as accepting, more than twice as at peace, and wayyyy more comfortable with life than ever before.

When I see someone like Barbara Marx Hubbard doing her work – at 85 years old, I realise that when I once again double in age, I may well choose to be more than twice as accepting, at peace and as comfortable with life as I am now.

Barbara is a futurist, a social and planetary evolutionist, a thought leader and one of my heroines. She is leading the movement towards conscious co-creation and is a major change agent for a better world. A world that looks towards the wisdom of its elders is a better world in my eyes. Would it have been a better world if she’d decided she was past her prime?

Although motherhood has taken up a major part of my time, energy and focus in this past 14 years, I understand what Barbara has proposed (after raising 5 children of her own). That biologically, we start to channel our co-creative energy towards co-creating new things once we have fulfilled our ‘procreative imperative’. Our biological drive to create new life is then channeled to new, exciting things, never more so than when we hit menopause.

Menopause becomes an opportunity to move from the wisdom of the procreative mother to the co-creative new human.

So… are you past your prime?

No beautiful, you absolutely are NOT.

The best is yet to come.

And I’d like to comfort you with those comforting words again ‘you’ll be the kind of woman who gets better as she gets older.’


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  1. Star on July 29, 2015 at 9:12 am

    Absolutely beautiful post Lisa!! I agree, it is NEVER too late to live the live you desire and deserve! xxx

    • Lisa on August 9, 2015 at 2:44 pm

      Thank you divine Star, you are so cherished and I LOVE seeing you build and create the life you desire and deserve too. Love you to bits and cherish you always, namaste Lisa xxx

  2. Virginia on July 29, 2015 at 12:14 pm

    Oh my – you are still a youngster. I’m 64 and am enjoying life even more now. You’ve got lots to look forward to.

    • Lisa on August 9, 2015 at 2:43 pm

      thank you Virginia, I love the fact that I have women like you to look up to and to look forward to emulating 🙂 namaste, Lisa

  3. Lotus.bee on July 29, 2015 at 8:12 pm

    Thanks for the sharing and comforting Lisa, and the introduction to Barbara Marx Hubbard.

    • Lisa on August 9, 2015 at 2:42 pm

      You’re welcome lotus.bee, I’m so pleased to share Barbara Marx Hubbard’s work, she’s such an amazing leader and beacon for women 🙂 Namaste, Lisa xx

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