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Alyssia Newton and me, satisfied after our weekend of teaching in Darwin. Alyssia and I planted some seeds in 2007 which came to fruition in beautiful and unexpected ways.

Alyssia Newton and me, satisfied after our weekend of teaching in Darwin. Alyssia and I planted some seeds in 2007 which came to fruition in beautiful and unexpected ways.

I’m so happy you could join me for another week of Sacred Women’s Business. This week I would like to bow down to the women of Darwin, the capital city in the Northern Territory, Australia. I was invited there by my talented friend, Alyssia Newton, from Mukti Yoga, to co-teach on a women’s workshop ‘Spring It On’ last weekend.

It hadn’t been difficult to say yes to the opportunity to revisit Darwin. I had previously experienced Darwin’s friendliness and warmth in 2012, during my last workshop at Darwin Yoga Space (DYS) hosted by exceptionally divine beings, Carole Baillargeon and Leisa Baldwin. So I was looking forward to being there again.

The women of Darwin have particular qualities which reflect Darwin’s vast openness, her natural beauty and balmy dream-like climate. Like fractals of light, each and every woman who participated in our workshop reflected something unique and special for the collective benefit of the group. They generously embraced the collaboration with other women, sharing the healing tools of yoga and learning the key elements of the Divine Feminine: the art of self-nurture, receiving, opening to beauty, softness, vulnerability, surrendering and fully inhabiting the body.

It’s a privilege to witness the humbling and breath-taking beauty of a flower yantra being seamlessly assembled by women respectfully taking turns to lay down flower petals. Each and every contribution led them to the completion of the image representative of the goddess Saraswati, the goddess of knowledge.

A very special thanks is in order to Alyssia for hosting our event at her cute studio in Rapid Springs. Our many hours of preparation and discipline paid off with grace and a cup overflowing with goodwill and gratitude.The seeds of our project were planted 7 years ago during Rachel Zinman’s yoga teacher training in Byron Bay. Back then, Alyssia and I had made a vague, throw-away  intention to collaborate on a project ‘sometime in the future.’ The seeds came to fruition with all the right conditions and timing, with an almost effortless momentum as though the plan had been there all along. I truly believe that many intentions come into physical form when there is a non-attachment to outcome and a quiet acceptance that things unfold over time and space in their own graceful way.

Although there are many hours of commitment and discipline in the cultivation of a workshop (not to mention the additional mammoth juggle it takes to manage children and travel across the country), the experience of teaching and leading a group of women is deeply nurturing and nourishing for me as a teacher. It energises and activates me. I genuinely feel this is because I am acting in alignment with my calling.

Other fabulous Sacred Women’s Business news this past week, is that the fabulous Shann Vander Leek featured my blog-post ‘The Three Veils’ on her blog at Transformation Goddess here

Also, my amazing friend, Susan Paget, The Change Guru and I had heaps of girly fun chatting about secret women’s business on her blog-talk radio program at

This week, I ask you to consider your intention for something you would like to see in your future. What seeds would you like to plant? Have you ever experienced the serendipity and enthusiasm that arrives when you realise you are living out an intention you once sent into the ether – with the essential ingredient of non- attachment to outcome? How will you know when you have arrived at that place you intended? I send you heart-felt love and support for your journey there.

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