What I Always Wanted (a big thanks to Rachel)

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When I was a young mum looking after my two sons as a stay at home mum, I often felt isolated, lost and unsure of my purpose. I first ventured out into the workforce in my old role as a Physiotherapist when my sons were still small, but deep down I knew that this role wasn’t honouring my deeper calling.

I remember yearning for someone in my life who could really see me, so that they could advise me on my strengths and provide me with some guidance.

It wasn’t until my whole life imploded in 2005, and I had turned to yoga to support me to find myself again, that I finally met someone who could see me. Rachel Zinman was the first person who truly coached me after my beloved teacher Joanne Langton recommended that I do her Yoga teacher training.

I will be forever grateful to Rachel for showing me what it meant to see the best in someone, and bring it out in them. She was the first person I truly witnessed who was able to coach with tough love.

By reaching and surpassing my comfort zone during that time of training, I learnt what tough love is.

A good coach is not supposed to ask questions like a friend would.

A true coach is not frightened to tell you exactly how it is. Nor to subject you to scrutiny when that is what is required.

However, a good coach will validate and acknowledge you where it really counts.

Coaching is generally not a comfortable process, because being on the edge of your comfort zone is the only way to grow.

Rachel wasn’t scared to tell me what worked and didn’t work about my teaching as she trained me to transform from feeling broken, to understanding the truth of my wholeness.

I doubt very much I would be a coach today if I hadn’t gone through the painful fire of self-awareness that yoga subjects you to. I most likely wouldn’t have kept my commitment to yoga if Rachel hadn’t shown me a path that was both compassionate and fiercely honest neither.

I sometimes wish it hadn’t taken me until I was 35 years old to find Rachel.

The years it took me to finally find a path that felt aligned to me were not wasted but I’m always pleased when younger women come forward for coaching services because they have a real chance to save time. With support, they can get on purpose sooner than if they were flying solo.

I have been blessed to work with women like Kristal Brown from Positive Peeps. You can check out the yummy array of offerings from Kristal’s site at www.positivepeeps.com.au. While you’re there, don’t forget to sign up for the newsletter.

This week I’d like to pay forward to you a poem Kristal sent me after one of our mind bending sessions.


I’ve come to the conclusion

That our meeting  is not by chance,

There’s something far beyond our bodies,

Guiding our souls to dance

Connected by a higher power

To unite and share our song,

And create a choir of undulating love,

As our spirits move our bodies along

The sheet music leading the orchestra

A symphony of pure and true,

Heralding goodness of health and healing,

Guided by angels, and fairies too

Transcending life’s traditional roles

Of daughter, mother and wife,

Creating rapids of positive change amidst the turbulent torrents of life

Rising above limited beliefs

We lift each other up,

And are mindful of the footprint we leave

As we drink from mother earth’s cup

Spirit sister, it’s getting louder

In this revolutionary coup,

It’s the rhythm of the earth’s beat box

I know because I hear it too

You tell me yours, I’ll tell you mine

A sisters-only pact,

We warriors for whole-self love

Of peace and sacred contract

Called to serve people and planet

With more than pretty books upon our shelves,

And answer the Universal prayer

of helping others help themselves

by Kristal Brown ©


It’s time to hear the call.

Lisa Fitzpatrick


  1. Jeanette on July 1, 2014 at 2:37 am

    We are so blessed to be surrounded by such special people. And especially YOU Lisa xox

    • Lisa Fitzpatrick on July 1, 2014 at 6:44 am

      Thanks Jeanette, you’re pretty special yourself and I’m deeply honoured that you take the time to stop by and always have such positive, uplifting effects on everyone you connect with x

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