How to Align Your Divine Self with Your Ideal Client

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What’s going on in your business this week?

Are you spending a lot of time on your business but still aren’t getting a lot done? Feel like all you do is work but your “To do List” is ever growing!

When you’ve lost that loving feeling for your business and instead spend your time chasing things that just aren’t making you money, you know you need to…



This is NOT the right way to build your business.

You’re a talented, well-meaning and heart-centered business owner. You shouldn’t be overwhelmed and you definitely shouldn’t be wasting another month not making the money you want! It really shouldn’t be this hard.

So here’s the deal!

You’re just doing it wrong and I mean that with Love!

In truth, there are just THREE right steps you MUST take to build a sustainable business that generates outstanding money!

And this month my friend Shanda Sumpter from HeartCore Business is hosting a FREE LiveStream Event to RESET your priorities and get you back on track.

——-> Click here to register now!

If you’re going to do just one thing outside your routine this week, PLEASE let this be it.

Join me and Shanda for Exposed: At the Crossroads between Business and Money is a Bigger Life!

Shanda’s built THREE million dollar businesses in THREE different fields – the Nightclub Industry, Real Estate Investment Industry, and now her Coaching practice.

She built them with the same THREE steps. In the same exact order.

Are you sensing a theme here? THREE is a divine number.

It’s not brain surgery. And you shouldn’t need brain surgery to come meet me in a place of wild success!

When you attend this LiveStream, you’d better be prepared for an energy boost.

It’s the fastest path to your freedom.

A loving kick that caffeine just can’t give you.

<link to registration> 
Go go go!

Build, Monetize and Market Your Business So You Can Live a Big Big Life and have the freedom to do whatever fires you UP! 

Here’s what you’ll get:

  • The THREE steps you must take to get that sustainable heart-centered business of yours into and above six figures.
  • What happens if you miss a step or try to go in the wrong order (you FALL!)
  • The exponential power of DEVOTED fans and a targeted list – even in small numbers – to generate 100k or a year
  • The surprisingly low number of subscribers you need to reach a Tipping Point in your success
  • Tips on building your list of fans and buyers through Telesummits, Blogging, Email Marketing, LiveStreams and Video
  • The power of a Telesummit with the RIGHT formula to be the FASTEST tool to grow your list
  • How to “Get Right With Your Money” – and make multiple streams of income, savings, taxes and investing work for you
  • Super concentrated biz strategies that tie it all together

It’s time to STOP. REWIND.

Join me on Thursday June 19th for the FREE LiveStream, and RESET!
<link to registration>

Much Love & Freedom,

….P.S.  You know last week Shanda Decided to go to Amsterdam with her boyfriend with 3 days notice.  She truly has the freedom you are looking for and makes the money to do whatever she wants.  If that’s attractive to you then register for the Exposed Livestream and find out what’s she’s doing to live a Bigger Life..

—-> Click here to register now.


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