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So often, women complain of feeling overwhelmed in their lives and their businesses. This is so typical for women in the helping professions such as coaching, teaching, healing, child-care and heart-centred business. You give and give generously at work. You believe in being generous. Then you go home and give and give some more to your family, kids and relationships. Sometimes, you’ve even got the energy to give to your school, community and beyond. No wonder you’ve been feeling tired!

Running a business in your feminine means being more aware of how your feminine nature can serve you to maintain your energy levels. The dominant paradigm has been a patriarchal and masculine one which relies upon striving, ambition and focus to succeed. Whilst this is important, the pendulum is swinging in favour of a more peaceful world. The feminine imperative is nurturing, healing and reclining in disposition. It knows how important it is to relax and hold space for creativity to thrive.

Running on adrenaline and stress puts your nervous system in the ‘fight or flight’ response. It has been said that if you spend too long in the fight or flight response otherwise known as your sympathetic nervous system, it’s akin to running a car in first gear at 1000km/hr. Sooner or later, you’ll cook the engine. Whilst small amounts of stress can be motivating in nature, they must be balanced with the ‘rest and digest’ response which is a relaxed, reclining and receiving in nature.

How often have you been in the recline position lately? How often have you gracefully received compliments, celebrated your successes by rewarding yourself, taken time to be still and allowed yourself to honour your deeper feminine nature which loves to be pampered and is an expert at arranging fresh flowers so that they look great on your desk?

To find out more about doing business in your feminine, head over to the videoblog and make a comment.

How will you gracefully receive this week? What will it give you to be able to sustain and nourish yourself from the inside out with the important work you do?

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