5 Hacks for Greater Ease, Flow and Abundance

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5 Surprising Hacks for Greater Ease, Flow, and Abundance

There’s some mistruths circulating about what it takes to create sustainable success in business. Just work 4 hours a week and create the life of your dreams. Be completely on purpose and the abundance will follow. Don’t push past your limits in case you break. These types of statements aren’t completely untrue but they can be misleading. Here are five hacks for creating a greater level of ease, flow, and abundance in your life and business that might surprise you.

  1. Stop Focusing on Future Outcomes

In the mission statement of your business plan, you’re asked to imagine what you’d ideally like to see for your business in the next 3-5 years in an ideal world. This is a wonderful exercise to do. However, genuine ease and flow come from showing up in the present moment. Being mindful in each and every task you do.

If you’re a multi-passionate entrepreneur, you’ll have a myriad of ideas circulating at any one time. The problem with being outcome focussed is that you are at risk of bypassing the most important magic of all – the magic of creation. Being in the creative process requires all of you to show up in full presence without judgment. It doesn’t work well with a push towards an agenda or a set outcome. Yet it can be terrifying to be in the unknown. Creative genius works best when it is sprinkled with uncertainty, an openness to the process, a commitment to showing up fully and not hiding in fear from the magic of what is unfolding. For a sense of ease and relief, practice being so fully immersed and present with each and every task in front of you, and you’ll be amazed at the synchronicity, serenity, and providence that comes to support you and the expansion that you’ll see in all levels of your life and business.

  1. Work Hard

This might be a controversial one to suggest. After all, aren’t you meant to be slowing down and taking it easy? Aren’t you too burnt out and too overloaded to work any harder?

Yes and yes, but what are you working hard on? Are you working hard on the things that really count – like making sure your amazing gifts reach the people that they’re meant to? Or are you working hard on staying as invisible as possible, so that you don’t have to face the fear of showing up?

Are you working hard at making sure people hear your message so that they can reach for and receive your medicine? Or are you working hard at making excuses about how watching a tv show is more important than giving your medicine?

For any worthwhile achievement, a degree of hard work is necessary. It is part of what makes business building so magic – the fact that the hard work pays off. If you work hard enough for long enough and don’t give up then things become easier and they flow more so that your business can support you with abundance. The hard work comes first – it always will. Don’t bypass this important step and don’t work with anyone who tries to tell you that you shouldn’t need to work at something to reap the rewards.

  1. Patience Has Virtue

In a quick-fix world, the rewards often come at the push of a button. You might have heard stories about overnight success stories but you haven’t heard the many struggles and failures that preceded the breakthrough. Expect to practice the art of delayed gratification, which is where you work hard first (eat your vegetables) and then reap the rewards, sometimes years down the track (hmmmmm dessert). This has been bought home to me again and again. Some of the wishes and dreams I held for my life and business 20 years ago have been coming to pass. I needed to wait. I needed to be patient. I needed to delay gratification. Otherwise I might have thrown it all in before the sustainable and organic rewards had enough momentum to push through to the surface. Be patient and work hard. It’s old-fashioned advice your grandma would have been happy to give you, and it works.

It is not because things are difficult that we do not dare, it is because we do not dare that they are difficult – Lucius Annaeus Seneca

  1. Get Out of Your Head and Into Your Body

Being an over-thinker is one of the greatest obstacles to ease and flow. Intellectualising and being in the egoic state of judgement is dangerous for true and sweet success. Corrupt success is easy when it’s achieved with ego, greed and justification but it’s not sustainable. True, holistic success is in the highest good of all beings, it is kind, gentle and generous of spirit and most importantly it is sustainable. It requires you to be out of your mind and deep in your heart. Get out of your head and into your body. Get some bodywork, do yoga or have an orgasm. It’ll connect you to your powerful deep embodied wisdom greater than any thinking will.

On that note, there’s an amazing weekend coming up in Byron Bay with the extraordinary Delamay Devi. I am honoured to be teaching physiology on this training and would love for you to join me and Delamay. It’s guaranteed to get you in flow states.

Hacks for greater ease

  1. Be, Do, Have

 There’s an entire coaching model based on the be-do-have model.  We are conditioned to ‘do’ and expect that the results will follow. But before doing the ‘do’ you need to be in the state you wish you to have before you do what needs to be done.

Be in the state of ease as you work hard at the task that needs to be done and you will have more ease.

Be in the state of flow as you work through the to-do list and you will have more flow in your results.

Be in the state of abundance while you’re paying your bills and you’ll have more abundance flowing through your life.

This can also work against you –

Be in a state of high stress and make decisions from this state and have a stressful outcome.

Be in a state of frustration and tackle the next chore and find it going pearshaped.

Be in a state of lack and fear and pay for the cheaper item only to find it breaks and needs replacing immediately.

Creating a shift towards greater ease, flow and abundance can mean that you have to take some counter-intuitive measures. But in a world of people in overwhelm, the answers lie in the opposite direction to where the mainframe points. It’s the road less travelled and the one that leads you to the relief you’re seeking.


Lisa Fitzpatrick

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