5 Habits of the New Wonder Woman (do you have them?)

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When I needed to honour my body recently after coming down with a migraine, it required me to cancel a day of coaching sessions with my beloved clients. I felt terrible having to cancel at short notice. It’s hard when you feel like you’re letting people down due to your own physical malfunctioning! It got me thinking about the importance of taking my own advice. I love supporting women to honour their feminine cycles and appreciate the sacred and circular and sometimes circuitous nature of the way we work as women. This means that at various points in our cycle, we must lean back and emphasise nourishment to self. Prioritising self-care is one of the hallmarks of a truly sustainable modern woman’s business. It must be factored in to your business in the same way that money tracking, keeping a timetable and scheduling time with family and loved ones.

There was a beautiful consequence to my cancellation. One of my cherished wonder woman clients, Caroline Cowley (pictured) generously arranged for us to have the rescheduled session the following week at our beloved local spa-house,  Kiva Spa. It truly felt like the universe was responding to my commitment to honouring my body, with a generous and heavenly gift.

In this week’s article I’d like to share the five habits of the New Wonder Woman. The original Wonder Woman was created by William Marston who decided it was time for a woman superhero. He perceived that there were too many men dominating the super hero scene at the time. He created her as a beacon of sexual equality and endowed her with a lasso of truth, bracelets that could enforce her boundaries and deflect evil and a tiara that could take out any opponent unfit to match her. Interestingly, Marston also created the DISC personality profile which I find extremely helpful to discern the archetypal forces that make up your personality. If you come and coach with me, I love using this tool to discover what your natural gifts of genius are.

The New Wonder Woman is a modern version of the original heroine. Where the original Wonder Woman fought the forces of evil with sheer determination and conviction, the new Wonder Woman factors in the demands of modern society. She is less concerned with equality than running her own race. As a self determined being, she knows she doesn’t need to compare herself to anyone to run her best race.

The Five Habits of the New Wonder Woman

The rapid changes that have come about with our new technologies have opened up a world of possibilities for women. I’ll never forget how my first coach was able to coach me via Skype from her holiday home in Hawaii whilst breastfeeding her six month-old baby. I marvelled at how technology had allowed her and other mothers the option to work from home, doing something that excited and ignited them at the same time as they take care of their children and take care of domestics.

In days past, Wonder Woman simply wouldn’t have been able to save the world if her children needed her at home. She carried her lasso of truth and took an aggressive approach to tackling equality. She also needed intense defense tactics so she wore her bracelets to defend her and used her tiara to take out her opponents. She was a lone ranger in a cruel world.

The New Wonder Woman has five habits that set her apart from the old. She is no longer alone and she has plenty to look forward to.

1. She prioritises self care. The ability to practice radical self care gives her the ability to look after everyone around her. Wonder Woman no longer has to martyr herself to everybody else first. She is able to take care of herself so that she becomes a steady, nurturing force in the lives of everyone around her.

2. She doesn’t compete, she collaborates. There is no such thing as competition in her world. She loves to get together with other powerful women, share resources freely and enjoy the feeling of support this brings.

3. She runs her own race. The New Wonder Woman doesn’t need to compare herself to anyone. She is self-determined in ways that feel right to her. She listens to her intuition and knows how to say ‘no’ without worrying about what others will think of her. Full stop!

4. She is able to be vulnerable. There are no defenses needed. Wonder Woman yields her vulnerability like a lasso. There’s no need for armour when truth has its own power. The New Wonder Woman only wears the bracelets because they remind her of her own healthy boundaries. She respects her time and self-worth and as a result, she gets what she wants without aggression.

5. She enjoys being feminine. The New Wonder Woman doesn’t need to prove she can succeed in a man’s world. She is perfectly content to enjoy the qualities of being feminine. The ability to recline, receive, be spontaneous and take a circular route rather than a straight line – these things delight her. She softens and surrenders to life which brings her inspiration, beauty and co-creative epiphanies that create business success. She positively glows with her sense of power as a woman, knowing full well that there’s no need to push, tug, grasp or go into her masculine to get what she wants.

The world requires women like you, who are prepared to make a stand for a new, more supportive paradigm for women. Consider what qualities you would like to cultivate that would best support you to fly, alongside your girlfriends. There’s never been a better time for you to be the super-heroine and leading lady of your own life.


If you would like to share this article on your blog or website please feel free to share away and please include the following attribution and link  – © by Lisa Fitzpatrick http://www.LisaFitzpatrick.com.au/join.

Enjoy the article and I’d love to hear about any insights you have in the comments section below,

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  1. Jennie on May 29, 2014 at 2:42 am

    What a wonderful article, yes this is the new paradigm for us modern working women. Thanks for your beautiful words of wisdom and insight once again Lisa xx

    • Lisa on May 29, 2014 at 3:11 am

      Thanks gorgeous, you are such a wonderous wonderful wonderwoman!! xx

  2. Sabine Schroeder on May 30, 2014 at 10:17 am

    I love this Lisa. Wonder Woman was always a childhood hero of mine. I like the updated adult version. Very user friendly. Thank you for your humour and wisdom. X

  3. Lisa Fitzpatrick on June 3, 2014 at 4:25 am

    thanks for stopping by Beenie. You are one of the most powerful women I know. I’m so stoked to see you here as you are a great example of the best version of a wonder woman! Love you xx

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