48% of Entrepreneurs Suffer from Mood Disorders and Depression {Is this You Too?}

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These past weeks have been a whirlwind of live events and intense eclipse energies. I’m officially now a mother of teens, with my youngest, sensitive Piscean son turning 13 on the 15th of March. It has been a tough start to his high school years as he has struggled to adapt to the new demands that young adulthood brings. There have been oceans of tears and a growing realisation that flexibility and openness to change are some of the most important qualities we need to cultivate in life. All of life is change. It’s possible we may be going back to the Shearwater Steiner school which supported his early childhood years so beautifully. After spending time now in both the mainstream and alternative worlds of education, it feels liberating to make a choice from a place of having experienced both styles.

I’m so grateful for the tool kit of support that I’ve needed to liberally apply these past weeks to try and keep my nervous system steady. My staple self-care strategies being prayer practice, meditation, trataka (candle gazing), DoTERRA oils, swimming endless laps every morning at my local pool, the love of friends, gathering in women’s circles and blessing-way ceremonies, counsellors and self-coaching.

If you’re in business, you know how important it is to support your nervous system to prevent the adrenal fatigue and depression so commonly suffered in the entrepreneurial space.

Once upon a time, it was taboo for leaders to admit to experiencing personal and physical challenges. It’s tempting sometimes to think that everyone else has their act together and that their lives are picture perfect. This has been borne from two factors: firstly there’s still so much unnecessary stigma surrounding depression and mental health and secondly, (due to factor one) the need for businesses to appear robust to investors and clients for perceived marketing viability.


I’ve always advocated for visibility and vulnerability as one of the greatest connectors in your business. The people who understand your challenges and your personal triumphs are the ones who are more likely to want to do business with you. The feminine shift calls for a very different style of leadership to the stoic and polished leadership styles of the past. I’ll never forget choosing my first coach based on the fact that she was a mother just like me, and had a toddler in the background and a baby on her breast and a messy house – and she hadn’t done her make-up. She understands my challenges and she’s also successful at what she does. Bring it on. Let’s change the status quo shall we?

There has been a slow rise in willingness for entrepreneurs to admit to just how prevalent their depression is in the roller-coaster ride of start-ups and expanding business. This may in part be due to the fact that women are so adept at expressing their feelings and are taking up more and more space in the entrepreneurial world.

If you’ve been following me for a while, you’ll know I’ve never made a secret of the fact that I suffer from depression. Whilst my mood disorder has been challenging to manage throughout my life, it is where I’ve learnt to find my edge in business. It has given me sensitivity to some of the energetic subtleties of business which has allowed me to refine sustainability practices and adopt a slow cook approach. It’s also enabled me to see my clients and their superpowers with greater intuition and insight. It’s been a gift for thinking outside the square and being fearless in the face of dragons. Put simply, depression helps you to build the resilience and courage to be able to say, ‘f*ck you’ in the face of trials and tribulations. It also lead me to seek refuge in the calm, loving space of meditation and yoga.

Following a period of depression, more often than not I surge forth into a hypo-manic phase which brings huge doses of inspiration and creative juice. It can be a roller-coaster ride, but there’s genetic viability in it because it’s a persistent and prevalent trait common to many human beings walking the planet right now. It’s one that is also typical for entrepreneurs because we thrive on the cyclic nature of business and the grandiose ideals that make us crazy enough to believe we’re here to make a difference in the world. It’s why depression rates are considerable higher in the entrepreneurial space – we are more likely to be drawn towards a visionary quest. It often comes with traits that make us ‘unemployable’ in that we love to think for ourselves, find it challenging to be submissive in the face of authority and love to work our own hours.



Please know that Sacred Women’s Business welcomes you if you happen to fall outside the mainframe in the ways that you think and feel. I’m here for the long haul. I choose to reframe sensitivity as a gift and I’m unashamed to put nervous system regulation at the top of my priority list and yours if you become a client. I’m grateful that my vulnerability has kept me connected to my body out of necessity. Disconnection to the body is dangerous for entrepreneurs. An embodiment practice – dance, swimming, yoga, tai-chi, walking, running – helps you consistently connect to your steady ground within and find poise in your body. Intellectualisation has a tendency to take you away from your gut instincts and away from your body’s intuitive knowing. Your deep bone wisdom points you to the green or red lights of your yes and no. Spend time in your body, every day. Get out from behind your screen and take some deep breaths, do some pelvic floor exercises and take a walk.

Over the coming months, I’m planning to share more about the embodied feminine leadership tools that will help to support you to regulate your nervous system and experience a feeling of slow, nutritious, sustained and nourishing energy release for your business longevity. I’d love for you to make a comment on the blog below if you’ve ever struggled with depression, mood or anxiety disorders and the best tools and strategies you’ve used. You’re so not alone.

Sacred Women’s Business is proud to be a stand for women who walk on the edge. We are not afraid to admit that we are never done. Our self development and continual cycles of evolution are never-ending and we are the mistresses of working with our unique challenges and not struggling against them. We are unashamed of being exactly who we are. I love your courage, your strength and your incredible staying power. You’ve got this.
If you need some coaching to help you stay the course (because let’s face it: the only difference between someone who makes it and someone who doesn’t is staying the course) you can apply here:


Below, I’m sharing some poignant articles about the psychological price of entrepreneurship. Depression is a surprisingly common part of the entrepreneurial space. There’s a plethora of new articles being written on the topic. I would have to credit Brene Brown’s groundbreaking work on the Power of Vulnerability for supporting the absolute gift that embracing vulnerability brings and lifting the lid on the taboo of revealing the truth about how we feel as human beings.

And as all good speakers know, there is nothing more powerful than connecting with your audience through the poignancy of your heroine stories and personal triumphs over your challenges. Who can relate to that perfect person who never experienced struggle? I’m the first to lean in when someone describes a challenge that they have overcome.

Some insightful (and award winning) articles about depression in the entrepreneurial space:

1. http://www.inc.com/magazine/201307/brad-feld/many-entrepreneurs-deal-with-depression.html

2. http://www.inc.com/magazine/201309/jessica-bruder/psychological-price-of-entrepreneurship.html

3. http://www.businessinsider.com.au/austen-heinzs-suicide-and-depression-in-startups-2015-7?r=US&IR=T

If you’d prefer to email me privately, you can reach me at sacredwomensbusiness@yahoo.com.au

I’m here for you with all that I am.

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My latest article has gone live on the Ausmumpreneur blog at http://www.ausmumpreneur.com/living-your-life-purpose-in-business/

Exciting Event Alert
Come to Melbourne in May? I’m excited to be speaking and delivering a workshop on my favourite topics: Sustainability in business and Feminine Leadership at the Artful Business Conference. Let’s face it – many spiritual women at Sacred Women’s Business are right-brained – creative, intuitive and artful.

This event is a business conference with a difference. It focuses on creating, building and maintaining a creative business in an artful and authentic way. It’s a business conference for the non-business minds, for the heart-centred entrepreneurs and for the right-brainers amongst us.

Dates – 28th & 29th May – Rydges Hotel – Melbourne City
Through this event we have formed a network of artful businesses, creative minds, and entrepreneurs. If you want to connect beyond the event head to the Artful Business Community website.

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Feminine Beauty Abounds
2015 saw so many extraordinary women (and a few conscious men) coming through the doors of Sacred Women’s Business. It’s always a thrill for me when a client lays down all the foundations for their next steps in business, and then goes ahead and creates something of exquisite beauty which reflects their unique offerings.

I’m over-joyed to share the work of Angela Standley, who came on board for one of my 3 month Heart Your Business programs last year. Angela is a certified wellness coach, sustainability expert and passionate educator.  She has over 15 years experience working with large organisations in sustainability, education and senior communication roles and five years teaching yoga, giving massage treatments and inspiring herself and others to live in more alignment with nature. She believes that self care, self respect and honouring our own beauty is at the heart of creating a thriving life. Angela now lives immersed in nature in the hinterland of Byron Bay Australia.

You can pick up your simple green guide at Angela’s website and check out her transformational health coaching and work here –http://www.natureglow.com.au/

Funky Biz Cards
Need some new biz cards? I’ve just ordered my 3rd round of square biz cards from Moo designs. I love these funky cards so much that I’m sticking with them. Check out this wonderful company here: https://www.moo.com/share/9tdg6m

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