3 Ways to Stay Grounded

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Three Ways to Stay Grounded Whilst You’re in a Growth and Expansion Phase

stay grounded

Are you looking for ways to stay grounded?

Sometimes, an entire season will pass where there’s not so much change, growth or expansion.
And then there are those times where the excitement of flux, variety and engagement is so intense that it’s hard to remember ever being in the quiet lull of winter.
In these times of intense growth, it helps to stay consciously grounded so that you can enjoy the productivity without burning out. This is especially so if you are prone to disassociating from your body as a way of coping with excess stimulation.  
Here are 3 ways that you can stay grounded in times of growth and expansion.

Get into your body, especially your feet

Embodiment practices like tai chi, yoga, dancing, swimming, walking and running will support you to stay connected to your body and breath. Have a body-work session like acupuncture, massage or craniosacral therapy. Or go out dancing with girlfriends. Or hike a trail in nature in a pair of old, comfortable boots. If you’re anything like me, you may find that your connection to your body is the first thing to suffer compromise when you’re super focussed on an outside achievement. Why don’t you consider coming to join us in Noosa for the wonderful prana vinyasa teacher training with Delamay Devi. More on this below. 

Get vocal, gutsy, feisty and political

Women are powerful and unstoppable when they speak from their gut and when they listen to the wisdom that resides in their bones. A breathy, high pitched or ungrounded voice doesn’t quite make the same impact as a centred, dedicated and fiercely committed one. When a woman is embodied and truly connected to the deep truth in her marrow, she will be heard above the white noise of the world. Decide what you would die for and commit to expressing your values no matter what the world around you is doing. 

Cook earthy root vegetable stews and fresh herbs

Check to see if you’re vata imbalanced. I love this site about all things Ayurveda where you can assess all manner of things by taking their awesome quizzes (who doesn’t love a quiz?) – https://www.banyanbotanicals.com/info/ayurvedic-living/learning-ayurveda/balancing-vata/

There are so many ways to stay grounded and balance your constitution but in times of potential ungroundedness, it’s especially important to watch that your diet isn’t adding to your anxiety or unsteadiness.

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