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In 2015, I got super busy in my coaching practice.

At one point, I had over 26 one on one paying clients and quickly discovered that my time was limited. It was frustrating to have to turn people away. After having to create a waiting list for my coaching services, I knew I needed to turn my coaching program into an e-course with a self-study format in order to reach more people and free up more time.

My e-course ‘Heart Your Life’ was created out of a desire to see the magic of this program in the hands of more women who know that they have a big mission for their life. It’s based on the work I did coaching dozens of women to find their unique soul purpose. It’s a simple and unique system to unveil the genius zones and gifts that every woman possesses. Since completing that program with me, many women have stayed on as long term coaching clients whom I’ve assisted to put their soul purpose to work in business and to create businesses and lives they love.

How does it get better than that?

I believe every woman has a divine, unique mission and that when she is working in alignment with her gifts, she becomes a powerful force for good in the world.

If it wasn’t for the help of a wonderful woman Kathryn Hocking, Heart Your Life would never have been released in its current format as an e-course that can inspire and transform without me having to be there to deliver it.

I love Kathryn’s sheer integrity and generosity. Her signature program, ‘The e-Course Launch Formula’ is the best that there is on the topic of creating and launching an e-course.

Kathryn’s course helped me package and price my information and offer it up with a sincere heart.

In alignment with Kathryn’s generosity, she is giving you a chance to win a scholarship on the latest round of her e-Course Launch Formula Program valued at $1497.00.

This is the first time Kathryn has offered this amazing bonus.

Kathryn (and I) want to help you to create the e-Course of your dreams, just like we did.

Stay tuned for more information about how you could also win my Heart Your Life e-course and some juicy bonuses in the weeks to come.

For more details on the scholarship offer visit –

You only get one precious human life.

If you’re a woman awakening to your life purpose, and you would like to bring your work to the many who are waiting for it, your time is now.

Attention all Creatives and
Consultants in Business…

Sacred Women’s Business is so looking forward to being a keynote and workshop presenter at this year’s Artful Business conference.

This event is a business conference with a difference. It focuses on creating, building and maintaining a creative business in an artful and authentic way. It’s a business conference for the non-business minds, for the heart-centred entrepreneurs and for the right-brainers amongst us.

Let’s face it, so many of us spiritual entrepreneurs fit into this category right?

The Artful Business Conference is a 2-day conference which will be hosted in Melbourne.

28th & 29th May
Rydges Hotel
Melbourne City

If you are a small business owner who thinks outside the box, a creative, an entrepreneur, if you know you have something wonderful to offer the world, then this event is for you!

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