A Better World – Miako Team

Lisa Fitzpatrick

A Better World Sacred Women’s Business Coaching is proud to be one of 25 lead ambassadors who will be working with the Miako team to send out a powerful NEW message for Humanity, the Environment, and the Animal Kingdom. We are proud to announce that we are part of this powerful new start-up that seeks…

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7 Practices for Charismatic and Magnetic Feminine Influence

Feminine Influence Do you often wonder why some people effortlessly magnetise opportunity towards them without having to engage in the hustle? How is it that some women have all the luck? These are the women you see being asked to speak on stages, to be interviewed for podcasts and to teach on incredible trainings. I’ve…

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International Women's Day: Let's Celebrate

International Women’s Day Let’s Celebrate International Women’s Day is March 8, 2017, this year. Embodied feminine leadership is about turning inwards for answers. It’s about being self-directed by your own inner guidance system. It’s about tuning into your deep bone wisdom and choosing to forge your own path even if it goes against everything the…

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