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Archive for April 2016

Why Failing Forward Can Save You

Sometimes failing forward is the only way to move forward. I’ve failed at so many things in my life. One of the things I’ve learnt from the many times I’ve failed is that failure teaches you far more than the breakthroughs ever will. I’m always grateful to mentors and coaches who can shorten the pain…

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Kathryn Hocking’s Strategies for Epic e-Course Success

This week, I’m excited to share a free video series from my friend Kathryn Hocking, to help you get your big, bold vision out into the world. Kathryn has developed this fantastic series of videos to give you straight-up, actionable strategies to create an e-Course, that you can put into place now. They’re designed to answer…

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A Posse of Fabulous Gifts for You Inside

It’s a go. Just Unveiled 🙂 My friends, Rev. Anne Presuel & Sherry Bowers have just opened up a giveaway, that’s specifically geared for spiritual entrepreneurs (coaches, intuitives, holistic therapists, energy therapists, healers and alternative practitioners just like you. This giveaway contains hundred of FR*EE GIFTS including ebooks, scripts to grow your divine biz, audio…

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