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Archive for January 2016

Ever Tried Self Coaching?

Are you an introvert? My personality profile shows me to be an equal blend of introvert and extrovert which makes it difficult sometimes to know when to stay in and when to branch out. If you want to find out your personality profile, you can email me at and we’ll set up a session…

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The #1 Reason for Your Overwhelm

  It’s an epidemic in our society and it’s time for it to end. Or at least, it’s time for it to change for women. It’s the dreaded feeling of overwhelm. It often comes at this time of the year because you’ve diligently set some new year’s resolutions or goals and you’ve already blown a…

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Three Steps to Overcome Fear

  Has fear been stopping you from moving forward? A lot of my clients speak of fear being the one thing that stops them. Fear of being seen, and judged. Fear of failure and their venture being a flop. Fear of embarrassment or humiliation. Fear of what other people think. Last year was a year…

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