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Archive for December 2013

Buddha's Advice for 2014

Whether you are in the new beginnings of winter solstice in the northern hemisphere or summer solstice in the southern hemisphere, you are positioned on the earth at the delicate tipping point which is either moving towards the sun or away from it. We are constantly playing in the polarities, with the shift between light…

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How to Manifest Miracles with Satyagraha (soul force)

Last weekend I was privileged to witness some of the world’s eminent scientists and visionaries speaking on the subject of science and spirituality. The UPLIFT forum in Byron Bay represented a convergence of brilliant minds as well as generous, open hearted discussion. Anita Moorjani and Eben Alexander spoke on the miracle of their near-death experiences.…

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The Anatomy of Your Soul Purpose II

There are polarities at work at any one moment as we bring the expression of our dharma into being. Dharma is our spiritual covenant which is effectively like a contract we have made before we take human form. This covenant is our promise to carry out a specific set of duties while we are here.…

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The Anatomy of Your Soul Purpose

This week, my baby boy turned thirteen and we celebrated with his school formal to welcome his teenage years. I couldn’t have been more proud to see my son accepting his certificate. My mind did a quantum leap back in time to the day of his birth which coincided with my twenty-eighth birthday. I had…

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How to Attenuate a Core Wound

The definition of attenuation is ‘the gradual loss in intensity of any kind of flux through a medium.’  A core wound is a belief that we have formed as a child about who we are which doesn’t serve us. It usually occurs as a result of a defining moment. During this defining moment, we form…

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The Attenuation of Core Wounds

Life sometimes brings challenges that appear above and beyond our control. Last month was a particularly challenging one for many people, myself included. Last month bought me to my knees praying for respite from the storm outside. A tidal wave of events has occurred back to back. Apart from my car being written off by…

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