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Archive for October 2013

It's OK to be Different

Have you ever felt bone-weary at the thought of another day like the one you’ve just had? When you’re a high achiever and you’re a natural leader, it can feel almost impossible to be contained within a nine-to-five job, a white picket fence or any of the other average statistics that others appear to be…

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What We Resist Persists

My clients are wise, conscious and deeply aware beings. They make my role as a coach so fulfilling, rewarding and rich. I honestly feel as though I have the most privileged and best job on the planet being able to show women around the world ways in which they are a unique, special and vital…

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Are You Answering the Call?

I’m so happy you could join me for another week of Sacred Women’s Business. This week I would like to bow down to the women of Darwin, the capital city in the Northern Territory, Australia. I was invited there by my talented friend, Alyssia Newton, from Mukti Yoga, to co-teach on a women’s workshop ‘Spring…

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How to Make a Decision

I’m so happy to be with you for another week of Sacred Women’s Business. This comes to you with unconditional love, acceptance and grace. This comes to you with a deep abiding respect for the courage it takes you, conscious woman, to really step forward and do the work you are here to do. This…

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My Shameful Past

Welcome back to another glorious week of Sacred Women’s Business. When I was speaking to a friend and mentor this week I confided in her about how fragile I was feeling about my delicate co-parenting relationship with my ex-partner. I was quick to frame our conversation with the necessity of our conversation being ‘confidential’ and…

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