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Archive for August 2013

The Five-Minute Triple Miracle Cure for Women

No matter how busy you are, whether you’re multi-tasking a business or trying to breastfeed whilst on the toilet, any woman can use this five-minute triple miracle cure. This will instantly change your mood and boost your energy levels. Step one: take 5 deep breaths in and out through your nostrils. Yes, that’s right, breathe.…

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Who You Might Marry First

As modern women, we are so busy: involved in the sacred business of being a contribution to others, raising our children as consciously as we can, working hard in our businesses or at a workplace and running our households, not to mention maintaining cherished relationships and friendships. It can be tricky terrain to navigate. Especially…

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Who Am I to be Doing This

Did you know that here in this space, you are unconditionally free to be you? You are free to take off any masks. I acknowledge you for all your challenges and the fires you’ve had to put out in your life. I validate and appreciate you for making it through all the times you’ve had…

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Being Grateful for Challenges

This week has been overflowing with blessings. On Saturday, I was fortunate to be able to participate in a gratitude yantra-making ceremony initiated by two extraordinary women – Rachel Zinman and Lauren Tober. Seven women gathered together amongst the multi-coloured flower petals to decorate and celebrate the seven chakras or energy centres of the body.…

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Inspired Speaking: It's In Your Hands (Part Five)

The way you use your hands when speaking to people can have a marked effect on the impact you have. Charismatic and influential speakers know the secrets to clear and effective communication is mainly in the body language they convey. In fact, the research shows that words alone convey less than 30% of a message,…

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Lessons From My Beau

It’s been an incredible weather week here in the Byron Shire with sparkling, clear skies and just enough bite from the sun to be able to frolick in the ocean without freezing. This week, I’ve been in constant admiration of my boyfriend Steve. Every morning since I’ve known him (around 18 months now), he has…

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Inspired Speaking: Speaking Your Purpose (Part Four)

5 Phrases to Captivate Your Audience Milton Erikson was the master of hypnotic influence and his methods and language patterns can be put to great effect to enhance your speaking skills. Milton model patterns are a way of using language persuasively to lead the hearts of the people in front of you. Milton language induces…

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Your Greatest Fear

This week I want to ask you a few pointed questions: What are you most afraid of? What do you really want out of life? Have you wrapped your desires so deeply inside you that they’re slowly dying? Has life disappointed you in some way, causing you to shrink from your desires because they have…

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Inspired Speaking: Speaking Your Purpose (Part Three)

Becoming a fabulous and engaging speaker is easy when you have the right tools. The best speakers and messengers are those who are able to make mistakes, embrace their imperfections and tell a good story. Being aware of the four possible personality types can be a really helpful way of constructing a speech to cater…

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