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Archive for July 2013

The 6 Core Needs

We all have 6 core needs. What are your top 2? You’ll find these are the drivers for many of your decisions. It’s really helpful to know your top 2 because they may be conflicting with where your desired destination is or you may be attempting to meet them unresourcefully. Our 6 top core needs…

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Inspired Speaking: Speaking Your Purpose (Part Two)

There is one cardinal rule that extraordinary speakers follow when they’re addressing others. They have learnt that the message is more important than they are. The moment you make the message about ‘you’ as the speaker is the moment you lose the connection with your listener. Exceptional speakers understand that what they have to share…

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The Perfection of Imperfection

I have a guilty confession to make this week. For 7 years I prided myself on having a television free home. My kids and I hardly missed it but I decided to get a small television last September to watch the Olympics. I must admit, it’s been a guilty treat to see how the rest…

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Inspired Speaking: Speaking Your Purpose (Part One)

The Physiology of Excellence In this series of articles we will explore the features of how to be a ‘charismatic messenger’ and speaking on purpose. Taking control of your posture and physiology can helpfully be applied to any situation where you are placed under scrutiny, such as in a boardroom meeting, a public speech or…

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How to Surf Your Business with Grace

Over the Australian summer, I was blessed to learn to surf with my sons in magnificent conditions at my local beach, The Pass, Byron Bay. Learning to surf is so much like learning to run a business. When you finally do learn how to hold your position on the board, you can start having a…

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