108 DAYS 108 WAYS

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108 DAYS 108 WAYS
is Available Now

How are you travelling beloved?

Has your heart been heavy lately?

I am so happy to announce this beautiful creation that will uplift your heart today.

Here is a picture book for adults in times of adversity and change.

It has been created especially for you if you have been confronted by these tough times (and let’s face it, who hasn’t?).

This priceless book is a work of art and a profound healing balm in these troubled times.

If you’ve ever questioned the meaning of your life or been at the edge of your capacity to cope, you will find great understanding and hope inside these pages. The writing will reach in, touch and ignite your heart and make you smile in surprising ways.

Check Out This Gorgeous E-Book Here

I feel so blessed to have been able to coach and journey alongside the author of this divine e-book Libby Perkins for the past 12 months.
This gorgeous transmission has really touched me deeply and it comes from a lived experience which is why it exudes authenticity.
You can learn more about Libby and her phenomenal journey
(and also buy her amazing 389 page e-book for only $10.80AUD) by clicking on this link https://108days108ways.com


p.s.  Did you know that my signature workshop ‘Explore and Restore the Pelvic Floor’ is now a self-paced e-course available at https://tinyurl.com/explorethefloor. Over 150 women attended this workshop when I delivered it live before we got shut down by the pandemic. I’m on a mission to deliver it to another 1000+ women.

Would you like to help me? I’m offering 50% commission for every sale of ‘Explore and Restore the Pelvic Floor’ e-course. This is especially for women who would like to share the love of this potent work! Simply reply to this email with a ‘yes please’ and I’ll let you know how you can receive your unique affiliate link and share the love.

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Lisa Fitzpatrick

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