I was fortunate enough to have a VIP coaching day with Lisa. During this day big personal shifts occurred which have left me feeling more positive about my business than I have ever felt. I feel  life long and even generations of beliefs passed down to me about how hard one has to work in order to make ends meet was peeled away. I was able to see where my struggle and collapse comes from and in doing so the struggle and collapse seems to have disappeared. Lisa also showed me many paths on how I can grow my business to fit in with the goals of how I want it to grow and since then everything has been falling into place with ease. From the day with Lisa i feel like I have come away with a huge sack of beautiful tools and resources to use on a personal and practical level around coping with what used to be the scariest thing i had ever done- start a business. Right now I am feeling far from fearful but absolutely ecstatic about being able to share with the world what I have to share. Thank you from the bottom of my heart Lisa for such a huge transformation.

Veet Karen Hedley http://www.veetscuisine.com.au/

Lisa went well above the call of duty from beginning to end of our coaching period, which made me feel that she very genuinely cared about the result, not just from a business perspective but as a fellow traveller on the path of Love who’s passion and purpose is to help others awaken to their Soul purpose, and then actualise it. She’s dedicated, organised, committed, and clear seeing. For me it was extremely powerful to work with an ‘objective other’, with the skill and insight to first show me my blind spots, and then offer practical, tangible, creative ways of turning them into strengths. It’s nearly 6 months now since our work together and both my personal and professional life are flowering beautifully

Lucy Roberts – http://www.lucyrobertsyoga.com/

Lisa, I want to say thank you and congratulations. You were brilliant. You were amazing. You knew what to say, when to say it and you guided our sessions with such love and wisdom and I always felt like I was in completely safe hands – Shannon McDonald – Melbourne  http://www.shannonmcdonald.com.au

Anyone who wants to find their purpose , their ‘why’ of being in this world, who wants to discover what it is they need to accomplish to be able to leave behind a legacy, in their personal and/or business life. Lisa is the perfect person to do this with, she is gentle, compassionate, and extremely generous. This Lady has vision and is prepared to go that extra mile. I am sad to have our time together come to an end but I know and trust that she will always be there for me if I need her and it is heart-warming to know that she will always be watching my back. Trust your instincts when you discover Lisa’s amazing Super Woman presence. It will turn your life around for sure! Plus she is an amazing yoga teacher, I had the pleasure of experiencing it in a private session she so generously did for me and my daughter when I was in her area! She simply knows her stuff!

Ruth Stuettgen – Melbourne http://www.naturaltherapypages.com.au/connect/focus_on_balance/service/44467

I came to Lisa in the middle of a strategic melt-down, not knowing the next steps to grow my business. OMG! Working with Lisa has aligned me to my deep purpose and big vision and desire to serve humanity. Lisa has supported me to make massive mindset shifts, necessary to access my untapped potential and to action my ideas from a place of authenticity and power. This includes honouring my deeper rhythms and needs. Lisa has consistently held space for all of me- not just the inspired super-woman aspects! She really gets ‘inside’ whatever I bring to each session and facilitates powerful processes, with such precision, that I see big shifts in my world immediately. Lisa has given me permission to be the BIG energy I am, without apology or fear – by being her incredible self. She delivers from the heart. She is oozing with kindness and feminine wisdom. Her follow-up and deep unwavering support are immaculate. She is a juicy beacon of strength, women’s empowerment and kick-ass biz know-how! A shining example and leader. I recommend you take the next step – and get some of her magic!

Kylian Martin Founder of Psoas Love & Rest Revolution Ocean Shores NSW Australia http:www.kylian.com.au

Since working with Lisa this year, I feel I have blossomed as an individual and soul-centred entrepreneur. Lisa has a way of guiding you back to your true self. Her innate ability to connect on an emotional and spiritual level, coupled with her wisdom, experience and professionalism, has allowed me to identify and keep fully aligned with my soul purpose. As a young mum, creative and big dreamer, she has helped me to remain grounded, time efficient, underwhelmed and confident in my abilities. Above all else, I am grateful for her wholehearted support of my vision to facilitate positive change in the lives of others, and in my future goal of contributing on a much grander scale. I am blessed for Lisa’s business insight and guidance, particularly in relation to my online store PositivePeeps.com.au, my inspiring events’ collaboration, ‘The Holistic Project’, and my soon-to-be-published affirmation cards for pregnancy and birth, Earthmother. Lisa’s presence in my life has grown to supersede my expectations of a coach – she is both mentor and good friend. I thank you, Lisa, for your generousity, love, kindness and unwavering belief in me always.

Kristal Brown inspirational speaker Brisbane QLD http://www.positivepeeps.com.au/

I feel extremely grateful to have had the opportunity to have worked with Lisa. Before working with her I knew I wanted to help mums who were tired stressed or feeling guilty, but my vision of my future was fuzzy and I lacked conviction in my abilities to be successful. Since our sessions I have been able to get real clarity on where I want to be and see myself in the role of a leader. Not only did Lisa help with a lot of inner work but she also gave me practical advice and exercises on how to strengthen my voice and convey my message with authority and passion. I made massive shifts in my own perception of my identity and capabilities. It has given me a turbo boost of confidence and courage. Lisa is like a pair of strong arms lifting you way above your own vision and expectation of yourself. And once you’ve seen the view from up high you won’t be able to come back down.

Emily Thorpe (coach and author of ‘The Working Mum’s 5 Step Solution to Having It All’) – England http://www.happyworkingmum.com

Lisa helped hone my purpose, stay true to my intention, identify any blocks and work through them together whilst building confidence in my own intuition and guidance. She helped me to prepare a business plan, prioritise and bounce ideas off. I could not recommend Lisa highly enough to help either create your dream or take it to a whole new level of success

Jackie Wallin yoga teacher and yoga studio owner Brunswick Heads NSW Australia http://www.yogabynature.com.au/

Working with Lisa has been life changing for me.  She held a mirror in front of me and showed me my gifts when I could not see them for myself.  She supported me unconditionally and allowed me to see what is truly possible for me and my business.  I am forever grateful for having the gift of working with her and the visions that she allowed me to glimpse for myself are working their way towards me on a daily basis.  Thank you Lisa, for all the clarity, the visions and the loving support and guidance.

Sonja Ramos, Fresh Betty Lifestyle – Minnesota U.S.A. http://www.sonjaramos.com/

My sessions with Lisa have been the most profound and transformational experience of my life! The combination of her inspired and unique programs coupled with an abundance of unconditional support and intuitive guidance, deep wisdom and a heartfelt desire to serve has created the space for true and lasting change for me. I am deeply grateful for all we have witnessed together as my journey unfolds. This woman has found her life’s work-what a goddess!!

Star Rumble Ocean Shores NSW Australia www.divinestar.com.au

I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of my six week journey with Lisa.

Prior to starting with Lisa, I had started my yoga studio and online classes but was feeling like I had so many ideas whirling around my head that it was hard to keep focused. I was also coming to terms with my own fears and doubts.

Lisa is Professional with a capital P. She creates such a safe and judgment-free zone that it was easy for me to peel away the layers and reveal my vulnerabilities. She has an incredible ability to cut straight to the core and find the truth behind all feelings of doubt or insecurity. I especially liked it when we listed strengths and weaknesses. What I discovered was that some of my own perceived weaknesses were in fact what others saw as my strengths. Who knew!?! This kind of reframing has been a huge step for me.

While Lisa is attuned to higher levels of thinking, she is also very firmly grounded and practical. I love that because each week when we made a list of action steps, I knew that I would not only be “getting stuff done”, but all this “stuff” would be part of my higher purpose.

So if you need some help getting clear on your direction in life and/or business, then Lisa’s your girl!

To check out our interview go to http://www.yogapad.com.au/1/post/2013/09/where-did-i-put-my-power.html

Jeanette Darbyshire – Mullumbimby NSW Australia (www.YogaPad.com.au)

Before I started coaching with Lisa, I was feeling “stuck” & “frustrated” with myself and where I was in life. I felt that I was on a merry-go-round that really wasn’t very “merry”. Although I wasn’t experiencing the emotional traumas that I had in the past, I was feeling joyless & unenthusiastic for life.
My intention of having coaching was to “nut out” my “stuff” & find where my belief systems were no longer serving me.
Lisa is totally professional with her expertise as a coach. She devotes herself wholeheartedly to each session & is encouraging, supportive & gentle in her approach.
I found that listening to the recordings of our sessions to be extremely beneficial & really enabled me to hear that I actually do have enthusiasm & strength in my spirit. Lisa has an uncanny ability to focus on those core strengths & emerging passions within a session & highlights them in a way that brings more awareness.
Since the coaching I have noticed subtle changes in my “inner dialogue” & feel an underlying current of enthusiasm & excitement. I am now making time for “me” & feeling less guilt around self nurturing. I have more compassion for myself & am taking notice of my intuition. My biggest realisation since working with Lisa is that life just doesn’t happen, it needs to be lived with intent.
Heartfelt thanks & gratitude go to you Lisa for supporting me in shifting my awareness & for being the inspiration that you are.

I recommend Lisa to anyone who feels they are ready for positive change!!

Best wishes for an amazing future 


I was at a stalemate in my personal and professional life before working with Lisa. There were a number of areas I was unable to make decisions about. I struggled with procrastination and voicing my needs. Lisa helped me find my voic and now I have the ability to establish boundaries in both theses areas of my life without self recrimination.

My life since then has taken on quite significant changes inclusive of further personal development study and considerable changes in my professional life that will continue to evolve. I am feeling very excited, slightly nervous but I now know I am definitely up for the challenge.

My personal relationships have improved greatly as I now have the courage to voice my needs and am prepared to do what it takes to have these met. This has had the wonderful flow on effect of my being able to meet the needs of those I care most about.

Lisa had a wonderful way of inciting self discovering epiphanies that continued in between our coaching sessions and still continue to this day.

I am sincerely grateful for the opportunity of Lisa working with me. Lisa has an easy manner and made me feel comfortable from the beginning and always showed genuine care and respect to me.

Thanks Lisa, you are an absolute GEM and I am so very grateful.

Wishing you all the best for your future and the wonderful difference you make.

Robyn Dickson

There are times in your life where you can lose your way. It’s not because you are not trying, nor is it because you are a bad person. It is because you can lose focus on the things that are really important to you. Life gets in the way.

I was at a point in my life where things we drifting from my grasp. I was concerned with things that were beyond my control, and I was unconsciously repeating the same mistakes over and over again. It was as if I was a ghost in my own life. My marriage was failing, I was watching the slow-motion car crash of the company that employed me going into liquidation and I had disengaged with my family and friends that I loved.

This is where Lisa came in. She was recommended by my Father as someone that I could talk to initially. She became so much more. Every week we would arrange to talk about who I was and where I was going. Those sessions became increasingly more important to me as the 6 week course went by.

Lisa made me look at my core strengths. In her unwavering calm way she made me realise that the person that I wanted to be was there screaming to show himself. It can’t be understated that there was a lifeline to my higher self on the other end of the phone. Through talking about my significant life events, my desires and fears, Lisa coaxed my aspirations out of me expertly. She made me see that I can be who I want to be with small changes to my routines and my thinking. By taking in all that I see with my head up I can gain control of every part of my life.

The results? I have a job that I love – 2 different companies offered employment to me within weeks of talking to this amazing life coach. I have engaged with my friends in a big way. I have become an accredited Auskick coach and I am training to become a little athletics coach at my childrens centre. I am giving back to the community and my wife and I – we are buiding that trust and friendship that we had lost after 12 years of marriage.

This is because of me. Not anyone else. Lisa will tell you that. But she was the catalyst, the spark that made it all happen. She listens, she comments and she drags positive things out of you that you didn’t know existed.

If you ever want to discover your true self and realise your true potential – give her a call. You will not regret it. I thoroughly recommend that you do it sooner rather than later. Your true self is waiting.

James Nelson, 48, Perth Western Australia

During the coaching process with Lisa I started from a place of acknowledging where I was at and what was missing for me so that I could feel whole. Lisa had the capacity to hold beautifully the space for me to unravel my story, talk about what bothered me most about myself, to be present and point out my strengths, to honour contrasting sides of myself until the Alchemy happened and I found pieces of the puzzle that allowed me to feel whole and at peace with myself and my life. Her work is subtle and at the same time very powerful, she bought a bright healing light into my life

Mohani Erica Susanna BodyTherapist, Dancer, Language Teacher Mullumbimby NSW

Women’s Yoga and Yoga Anatomy Workshop Testimonials

Spring It On Workshop for Women

‘This one and a half day workshop was just what I needed. The combination of physical practice and awareness makes me feel more prepared to face the next phase of my life but also to look for warning signs that I need to make changes in my life’                 

– Elizabeth Martin, Darwin

‘After having a busy, stressful few months I feel really nourished by the ‘spring it on’ workshop. It was lovely to spend time with such a lovely group of women under the guidance of Alyssia and Lisa

– Sarah Martin, Darwin

‘Fabulous – thank you so much to both of you, you are beautiful souls and your passion and care in your work is wonderful!’

‘I found the workshop most relevant to women’s health and wellbeing and have learned a lot over the workshop’

– Fiona McCall, Darwin

‘If you need to feel the sisterhood, stop right here’

– Meg Cosser, Darwin

‘All round well-being experience in a safe, accepting environment. Recommended Highly ‘

– Belinda

‘Coming together as a group of women can provide a nurturing, supportive environment for self care and reflection. This women’s workshop provided a wonderful space for yoga practice and sangha (community)

– Leisa Baldwin, Darwin

”I always thought I was engaging my pelvic floor throughout exercises however I was wrong. Once it engaged, I felt a powerful shudder up my spine. Who knows what I was doing before? I have walked away from this workshop with knowledge and skills that will enrich my life and strengthen my body. The workshop facilitators were warm and beautiful, and I would highly recommend a similar workshop especially for those in their twenties as it provided critical information that can ensure our bodies are strong and spirit aware as we age…gracefully

– Elizabeth Fisher, Darwin 

Glenn Ceresoli’s Yoga Teacher Training – Byron Bay 2008-2012

Your course was an absolute highlight of the two month experience. I know I will draw on it in so many ways in the future

– Carmel Plunks

Lisa teaches with unique energy and skill which brings vibrancy and inspiration to the subject. Her insightful presentation and constant captivation of your attention makes learning a really enjoyable and enriching experience

– Isabelle Luterbacher, United Kingdom

Lisa made the complicated material fun and interesting. I absolutely enjoyed her classes very much

– Chiyo Tsi, Osaka, Japan

It was the best class ever, and thank you for being so sweet and considerate. I hope to keep in touch with you

– Yumi Shiroma, Osaka, Japan

She is a talented teacher and made the class very fun. I’ve never had such an interesting class!

– Naoco, Osaka, Japan

Lisa is a very caring and attentive yoga therapist and teacher. She has abundant knowledge and energy. Lisa connects anatomy so well to asanas, there is no one else better for the job! Her classes have been insightful. Thanks so much Lisa! I’ve learnt so much!

– Anita

Lisa is a hugely engaging and enthusiastic teacher. Her passion for anatomy and its effective application to yoga makes a sometimes challenging subject a pleasure to learn. If you are a student seeking assistance in taking on the theoretical aspects of your yoga teacher training or a school looking for an impeccable addition to your teaching faculty, you would be well advised to give Lisa a call. I can’t recommend her highly enough!

– Nina Giacchetti

Lisa is a fantastic teacher who makes everything fun and enjoyable. Her knowledge is outstanding and she has been an inspiration. Thanks!

– Kelly

Lisa is organized, focused, purposeful, punctual, dynamic, engaging, generous with her time and knowledge and extremely knowledgeable about her subject area. The course weaves multiple modalities into an extremely relevant blend of kinaesthetic and intellectual learning

– Sue Jackson

Lisa is a fantastic teacher. She has a genuine passion for the subject which shows through in her enthusiasm and knowledge. I found her easy to relate to, and the course itself was structured well and enjoyable.

– Charlie

Lisa makes anatomy and physiology fun and easy to relate to yoga. I now feel I have the knowledge to confidently practice and teach in a safe manner

– Michelle Ison

Lisa knows her subject inside and out. George the skeleton, the organ game, the dancing respiratory system, muscle revision sheets and the excellent powerpoint pictures, laughing yoga, the heartfelt story of Arthur and Jill Bolte-Taylor’s discovery of the power of the brain explained and reinforced the anatomy and how it functions. Loads of fun and invaluable information of safety and injury prevention. Excellent delivery, clear explanation of terms. Thanks Lisa, you made it fun and enjoyable

– Lilian Mc Dougall

Lisa, you’re such an amazing teacher with such a great understanding of the human body. I really loved how you can blend the Western teachings of anatomy physiology with the yogic experience and alternative therapies as they tend to conflict with one another. You are so patient and understanding, always giving full consideration to our questions before answering as well as being open to alternative opinions and theories. The course notes were excellent and concise and I will definitely be referring back to them. You you-tube videos and discussions have been very interesting and inspiring. Thank you so much and I really enjoyed this course as well as having you as a teacher!

– Andrea

Lisa is a sensitive and intelligent teacher. She bought our yoga group together and helped us learn and understand even the most complex areas of the anatomy course. I have had such a good and deep experience expanding on my knowledge of the body. The resources and knowledge shared during our course were of high quality both in content and visually. Lisa bought lightness, creativity and fun into every lesson with a variety of teaching styles and techniques. A big thank –you and lots of love

– Roxy

Lisa is an inspiring and gifted teacher. Her ability to bring anatomy and physiology alive and make it relevant to the subject of yoga has deepened my understanding and awareness of how the body works. Her teaching is a mind-body experience. Heart-felt thanks and gratitude

– Margie

I really am amazed that you managed to keep me engaged for the full 3 days. All the content you provided was so important and necessary.

– Margaret

Lisa bought the concepts alive and her interesting experience, enthusiasm and knowledge was impressive coupled with the daily revision. Thank you Lisa for making it easy and interesting

– Sal Mullooly

The course far exceeded my expectations in terms of material covered, the clarity of the delivery and Lisa’s generosity in answering all the questions big or small

– Carole Baillargeon  www.darwinyogaspace.com

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