Heart Your Life jpeg Seven Steps to Finding Your Soul Purpose  

Created for intelligent women who would like to gain clarity about their life purpose. If you’re re-entering the workforce after taking time out with children or you’re desperate for a career change this program is for you.    

Program Outline  

You receive

–        7 x 90 minute one:one coaching sessions (Skype, in person or telephone delivery)

–        7 modules. Each module contains a playbook and a video

–        6 audio meditations to change your life

–        A copy of Healing the Heart of Your Business – by Lisa Fitzpatrick and a selection of other books especially selected and tailored for your individual needs to transform your life



Module Zero • Setting your Intentions for your heroine’s journey • Commitments • Program Outline

Module One Your Physical Layer • Video – ‘Your Body Bounty’ • Audio Meditation ‘How to Tune Into Your Body Wisdom’ • Playbook

Module Two Your Energetic Layer • Video – ‘Everything is Energy’ • Audio Meditation ‘Heal your Blocks’ • Playbook

Module Three Your Mental Layer • Video – ‘Mind Matters’ • Audio Meditation ‘Healing the Child Within’ • Playbook

Module Four Your Heart Layer • Video – ‘Wise, Wealthy, Heart-Centred Woman’ • Audio Meditation ‘Tap into Your Soul Abundance’ • Playbook

Module Five Who You Are – The Bliss • Video – ‘Being You’ • Audio Meditation ‘Tap into your Soul Abundance with Unconditional Forgiveness’ • Playbook

Module Six Future You • Video – ‘Heart Your Life’ • Completion and Acknowledgement Playbook


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