• Knowing exactly what you stand for in your life and your business
  • Understanding your strengths intimately
  • Knowing exactly what you were made for
  • Never having to work another day in your life because work is a natural extension of you
  • Knowing how valuable your work is

Imagine This

Picture this: your work feels like a natural extension of who you are. You’re happy to wake up in the morning because every day feels like an authentic expression of you. You’ve finally been able to put your challenges into their proper perspective – and you never thought you’d feel so grateful for everything your challenges have taught you. You’re now living your life purpose, where everything you’ve ever done has lead you to give your gifts in the ways you’ve always dreamed of.


Sounds great, right? But as you probably know – living a purposeful life and loving what you do is elusive for most people. How many people do you truly know who love what they’re doing for a living? Many people are sitting in the 98% zone. Living lives of quiet desperation and suffering quietly (or not so quietly) from a sense that life could and should be so much more. It takes courage to step into the top 2% and to become the leading lady of your life. It takes real valour to step outside the mainstream way of thinking and to do things differently so that you can live your life by design and not by default

Here’s the thing :

  • You can either be a victim of your life’s circumstances
  • Or you can take control and determine what happens next, by living a life of conscious design…you decide


To live your life purpose, you need to purposely live your life. Purposefully living your life means deciding in advance who you would like to be, what you would like to be doing and how you would like to be doing it. You see, success is no accident. Success leaves important clues.

If you want to have what ROCK STARS have – an incredible life full of creative expression and the feeling that you’re creating opportunities to earn great money that bring out the best in you, you can’t just cross your fingers and let life happen to you. You need to get very clear about the clues that life has left you along your heroine’s path and get to know yourself so well that you could actually lead an entire movement or army….even if it is an army of peace-makers or soul-leaders or whatever takes your fancy.

There’s a very specific framework you can follow to rise above the masses, get clear on your life purpose, and create sustainable success that feels authentic. There are processes you can follow that support you to create your life purpose, just like a good life coach would support you to.

Here’s where the heart heart your life system comes in…

Let`s start with one truth: Your soul purpose is important for your wellbeing and your unique mission matters. 


And I should know – I’m living, breathing proof of the importance of finding work you love after struggling for so many years doing work that left me broke, depressed and unwell.

My name’s Lisa Fitzpatrick, and I have a business built around doing what I love most – coaching and empowering women to find their genius zone and to create service-based businesses they love. The women who come to me for coaching are savvy, intelligent, spiritual, driven and all heart. Yet, many of them aren’t sure of their direction. A major life change, such as having a family, getting divorced or losing a loved one has thrown them off course. Some of them have decided to quit work because they just can’t stand being in a soul sucking job any longer.

As well as being a passionate coach, writer, yogini and entrepreneur…
I live in a gorgeous community near the beach, with my two gorgeous sons.

Best of all, my business allows me to follow my greatest passions – teaching women to lead their lives and businesses with heart and courage. I love to pour my heart and soul into all the things I love so much.

And now I want to help you create the same

Here`s what I believe. That every person is born with a unique set of talents and abilities. There will only ever be one of you. You are made of the same stuff that stars are made of. I believe you are designed to shine at doing what only you do best. I believe that you have what it takes to live a life full of purpose, passion and heart. 


My entrepreneurial journey began in 2011, when I studied transformational life and business coaching. I added coaching to my teaching and therapy business and before I knew it, I was pinching myself with the fact that dream clients were being drawn to my coaching services. Sacred Women’s Business became everything I had dreamed of in my mission statement. I was living my life purpose every single day. I still can’t believe I finally did it.

Prior to this, I had been stuck being miserable working as a therapist for years, watching patients who were sick and dying, lamenting the fact that they’d never really lived their full potential.

Some of them even had the deepest darkest confession to make.

They confessed that they thought that the reason they were sick, was because they’d never really reached their potential. They’d lived their lives of quiet desperation according to everyone else’s wishes. They’d never really had the courage to listen to the small, still voice within them that was urging them to move forward on their dreams and desires and talents. They were literally dying right in front of me…with their music still inside them.

I made a stand, and became a yoga teacher because I believe that yoga is a path to transformation that leads you to your body’s deepest wisdom. Also, yoga is a way of preventing the illnesses and afflictions I was watching my therapy clients succumbing to. Before I knew it, I was being invited to teach internationally and my business went global.

But still…I had a sense that I was designed for more. I deeply desired to make a difference in people’s lives that went beyond the yoga and therapy hats. I craved an even deeper sense of purpose. I wanted to make a difference that left a legacy and I wanted to also do something that supported my deep desire to restore masculine and feminine balance in the world.

I studied coaching at The Coaching Institute and realised pretty quickly that coaching life purpose was my calling.

And… I created a coaching program to support my 1:1 clients to find their life purpose so that they could fall in love with their lives.

I loved what that first coaching program did for my coaching business. It was called ‘Divine Feminine Leadership’ and it was designed to support women to find their life purpose.

My first program exploded my 1:1 coaching business. Soon, I was booked out with a waiting list and I realised there were not enough hours in the day to serve the demand of beloved clients, who all wanted to know their life purpose.

I decided to create Heart Your Life as self-paced self-study program, to cater for all the people I couldn’t squeeze into coaching 1:1. It contains the exact processes I used in my own life as well as the most potent life purpose processes I have used with my 1:1 clients.

I tested this program first, with dozens of clients in person, before settling on the 7 step process you’ll find in Heart Your Life today.

I got some awesome results with clients using these simple steps– and it’s through these exact same steps that I have finally found my life purpose doing what I love most – transformational work for conscious women who dare to think beyond the square.


Ironically, I got so busy with 1:1 clients, that this self-study program almost didn’t make it to completion.

In fact, it sat in the Sacred Women’s Business vaults and for a time, the material has been only delivered as a bonus to select clients who choose to work with me as part of the high end coaching packages I offer.

As my coaching practice has grown, I’ve been hearing the need for a flexible, self-paced delivery of coaching content. I’ve also been hearing that some clients would prefer to take themselves through a self-coaching process. After-all, some of this self-reflection and self-development is deeply personal. It’s between you and your own soul. Finally, the self study option makes this program available at a lower cost than what it would cost you in time and money due to the fact that you decide on your own pace and how much time you’d like to dedicate to it.

I’m elated that you can experience of the magic of ‘Heart Your Life,’ at approximately one- tenth of the price you would pay for one on one coaching.

The answers are always within you.

Sometimes, you just need the right questions in order to dig deep to find your answers.

This program provides a clear solution to your dilemma…what are you going to do with the rest of your life?

Quite simply, focusing on uncovering your life purpose will support you to start creating the life you’ve always dreamed of. You just need a little support to make sure your focus is happening in the right areas of your life.


Heart Your Life takes you through a very methodical system that has been designed to leave no stone unturned.

So that you can live a life you love with all your heart.

I’ve been so privileged and honoured to guide so many passionate, spiritual women, many of them entrepreneurs, from all corners of the globe in creating their lives by design. In fact, since 2011, I’ve helped dozens of women to achieve insight and revelation about who they’re here to become, the fullest expression of their potential and to living the life of their dreams while they design a business around their passions.

I also know that sometimes, all it takes is a little focus, the right questions, the right framework and system, to really take you from confusion and over-whelm to clarity and heart-felt direction on your purpose.

If there’s one thing I’ve learnt from coaching it’s that there are so many incredible women out there who are ready to finally own their true genius zones and give their significant gifts but they’ve been paralysed by fear, by inaction and by lack of self-belief.

This program has been designed for you to stop making excuses and to make a stand for your greatest life.


  • You’re a heart-centred woman who has been on a self-development quest for a while and you’re seeking greater clarity about your future direction
  • You might have just been through a major life change such as a divorce, a death or perhaps you’re returning to work after having babies and being a stay-at-home mother.
  • You’re craving a deeper connection to your unique gifts and talents.
  • You know you were destined for great things, if only you could get clear on what your significant contribution will be.
  • You’ve always known that you were different to the mainstream, an out of the box thinker with big dreams and a big heart.
  • You find the idea of leaving your legacy exciting, but scary because you’re not so sure you want to take responsibility for the big mission desires inside of you.
  • You have the niggling feeling that you’re running out of time. You’re not getting any younger and you want to make the most of every minute you have.
  • You are certain that if you don’t start expressing yourself and your unique gifts, you’ll slowly start dying with your music still inside of you
  • You’re ready for a grand unveiling… an unveiling of the real you that has been hiding out behind the layers of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual baggage that have kept you small.


  • You’re not willing to take responsibility for your results
  • You’re unmotivated and want a quick fix to gain clarity. We dive deep in this course.
  • You’re not ready to face some of your most uncomfortable truths yet. True valour and courage takes readiness. It takes courage to analyse the areas of life that have kept you stuck
  • You expect instant results.
  • You are unable to follow through. This program requires action-takers who are ready to move mountains and are self-motivated to take themselves through each of the steps.

Lisa helped hone my purpose, stay true to my intention, identify any blocks and work through them together whilst building confidence in my own intuition and guidance. … I could not recommend Lisa highly enough to help either create your dream or take it to a whole new level of success

Jackie Wallin

My sessions with Lisa have been the most profound and transformational experience of my life! The combination of her inspired and unique programs coupled with an abundance of unconditional support and intuitive guidance, deep wisdom and a heartfelt desire to serve has created the space for true and lasting change for me. I am deeply grateful for all we have witnessed together as my journey unfolds. This woman has found her life’s work-what a goddess!!

Star Rumble

During the coaching process with Lisa I started from a place of acknowledging where I was at and what was missing for me so that I could feel whole. Lisa had the capacity to hold beautifully the space for me to unravel my story, talk about what bothered me most about myself, to be present and point out my strengths, to honour contrasting sides of myself until the Alchemy happened and I found pieces of the puzzle that allowed me to feel whole and at peace with myself and my life. Her work is subtle and at the same time very powerful, she bought a bright healing light into my life

Mohani Erica Susanna


Module Zero – Introduction

1 x introductory video

1 x Heart Your Life playbook

  • An introductory video and playbook containing your introduction to the program
  • Intention-setting for your heroine’s journey to start creating your ultimate life by conscious design
  • Identify your big why
  • Identify your values – goodbye overwhelm and confusion, welcome clarity and confidence
  • Declare your commitment to your greatest life (with a signed declaration to let the universe know that you’re serious about creating a life you love)

Module One – Your Physical Layer

1 x video – ‘your body bounty’

1 x audio meditation ‘how to tune into your body wisdom’

1 x Heart Your Life Playbook

  • A video, audio meditation and playbook containing insights about your body wisdom and guidance for your playbook exercises


  • How your body gives you clues about your life purpose
  • What your physical environment says about your life purpose
  • The number one way to prioritise your life to ensure you’re honouring your body’s deepest wisdom

Module Two – Your Energetic Layer

1 x video – ‘everything is energy’

1 x audio meditation ‘heal your blocks’

1 x Heal Your Life Playbook


  • a video, audio meditation and playbook containing insights about your energy and the energetic blocks that may be holding you back.


  • How energy works in your life to reveal new ways of moving through life with awareness and ease
  • How to make choices that move you towards a state of higher energy
  • What makes you feel energised, alive and nourished to stay the course of your purpose, without falling off track
  • How to create a life that is simultaneously deeply meaningful and light
  • Your unique habits of self-sabotage – once you identify these you’ll be amazed at how quickly your life will change

Module Three Your Mental Layer

1 x video – ‘mind matters’

1 x audio meditation ‘healing the child within’

1 x Heal Your Life Playbook


  • a video, audio meditation and playbook containing insights about your mental beliefs and the defining moments that have shaped your life so far.


  • How your belief structures created your reality from a young age
  • How to identify your defining moments and to understand how you use language and beliefs to shape your life
  • The fastest way to change the direction of your life so that the past no longer has any power over you

Module Four Your Emotional and Intellectual Body

1 x video – ‘emotional and intellectual identity’

1 x audio meditation ‘beyond thought’

1 x Heal Your Life Playbook

  • a video, audio meditation and playbook containing insights about your emotional and intellectual tendencies in order to create an identity that is more than capable of building your dream life.



  • Your powerful ‘I am’ statements that support you to create a rock-solid identity
  • How to take your life beyond thought – the best way to get unstuck
  • Who your mentors are, and to identify those people who trigger your shadow side (tests, enemies and adversaries).
  • To identify your personality strengths and cultivate your strengths in conscious ways that lead you to your success story
  • How to have a forgiveness breakthrough in order to call in abundance and receive more nourishment and benevolence in your life


Module Five – Your Heart’s Wisdom

1 x video – ‘wise, wealthy, heart-centre woman’

1 x audio meditation ‘tap into your soul abundance’

1 x Heal Your Life Playbook


  • a video, audio meditation and playbook containing insights into your heart’s deepest wisdom and joy so that you can commit wholeheartedly to living a life of no regrets


  • How to craft your mission statement as an expression of your heart’s deepest desires
  • A ninja technique to identify your true and highest path
  • Discover the deep spaciousness and stillness within you that contains your heart’s wisdom
  • Identify and hear your inner truth and the voice of intuition that is constantly speaking to you


Module Six Who You Truly Are – The Bliss

1 x video – ‘being you’

1 x audio meditation ‘tap into your soul abundance’

1 x Heal Your Life Playbook


  • a video, audio meditation and playbook containing insights into who you truly are


  • the secret to living your most truthful and authentic life (this isn’t what you usually associate with true success)
  • how to courageously own your story, especially your struggles, so that you can experience a great sense of connection, power and liberation.
  • The one true key to success


Module Seven – The Future You

1 x video – ‘heart your life

1 x Heal Your Life Completion and Acknowledgement Playbook


  • a video and playbook to joyfully complete the heart your life process, consolidate your journey and look forward to a new life of purpose and passion.


Your Ultimate Bonuses

Because I care… you will become part of Lisa’s daily prayer practice when you sign up for the course. This is a magical container of time which Lisa sets aside each day to honour and pray for each and every client who comes through Sacred Women’s Business programs and services.

You will also receive email support for any questions or technical support you require. Please email Lisa @ and I will make sure my technical team is notified should you need any additional support.

Additional Pay in Full Bonus

Pay in full to receive a copy of Lisa’s e-book ‘Healing the Heart of Your Business – sustainable success for heart-centred women.’

  • this definitive guide is the ultimate bible for heart-centred, entrepreneurial women who would like to develop sustainable, legacy driven businesses without burning out their adrenals.
  • it’s for you, if you are seeking respite from the overwhelm so that you can focus on doing more of what you were made for through your business and work in the world.
  • it’s for you if you’re a conscious, evolutionary women in service-businesses because you have specific needs, wants and desires.
  • you want to make a significant contribution without suffering from burn out and you want to revel in abundance without selling your soul.
  • you want to stay on purpose and go all out to grow your business to its full potential.
  • you want to honour your soul purpose agreements to give your gifts generously.
  • you have family and loved ones you want to take care of through your sacred and sustainable success.

This book will support you to heart your life by supporting you to wake up every morning being clear on what you need to do so that you can enjoy balance, freedom, abundance and spaciousness.


To coach with Lisa one:one packages start at a minimum of $2495.00 with a price increase anticipated in 2016.

Receive Heart Your Life at less than a tenth of the cost of one:one coaching for $247.00 AUD

Or two easy-pay instalments of $123.50 AUD

(all Australian taxes included)


I have poured my heart and soul into this program and it has been tried and tested on many happy and satisfied clients. If you complete the start of the course and decide for any reason that you’re not satisfied with the program, I will happily refund your course fee (minus a 10% administration fee to cover merchant fees and admin).

You will be required to demonstrate that you have participated in the course and completed the playbooks prior to applying for a refund.

Refunds must be requested within 14 days of course commencement to be eligible, and should be submitted in writing to

Frequently Asked Questions


Each module will take approximately 60 – 120 minutes of your time. It depends upon how quickly you like to work as to how long the playbooks take you to fill in. There is an estimated 15- 20 hrs of pure content in total contained within the program. It is recommended that you complete one module per week and complete the course over a total of 8 weeks. The equivalent cost for a one on one experience of coaching with Lisa is $ 2995.00 AUD.


Self-coaching and self-study takes self-motivation and commitment. Not only is this program a cost-effective way of going through a highly transformational coaching experience, but it also gives you a taste of the Sacred Women’s Business magic which has transformed countless lives through pure self-determination. If you’re a busy mother, full-time worker, business owner or simply want to take your time to go through this program at your own pace, then the self-study option is a great choice. If you’d prefer more intensive accountability and laser-focus on your specific needs, then it is recommended that you consider signing up for 1:1 coaching with Lisa.


This course has been especially designed for you to be completely self-sufficient. However, if you require any email support regarding technical difficulties or queries about the course content, you are welcome to email Lisa at Office hours are Mondays and Wednesdays at 9.30-3.30pm AEDT so your enquiry will be tended to as soon as possible during the office hours. If you would like to have live accountability, it is recommended that you consider one of Lisa’s one:one programs.

As part of your purchase of the Heart Your Life program, you will also become a member of the Sacred Women’s Business community which gives you free weekly updates and valuable content often not shared anywhere else, straight to your inbox.

Rest assured, your details will not be shared with anyone and your privacy is paramount.


This course is designed for life-long access. You will be given lifetime access for as long as Sacred Women’s Business is operating under Lisa Fitzpatrick’s direction.


You will be given full access to the full program and all the modules when you sign up.


You are welcome to email me at if you have any further questions



This program is not a substitute for psychological, medical or financial expert advice. It is designed to support you to gain valuable self-insight about your unique life-purpose. It is not designed to replace medical attention if required. Results may be limited if you are suffering from a medical or mental health condition. It is recommended you seek expert advice for any conditions that may require attention. Sacred Women’s Business supports you 100% to place yourself in the driver’s seat of your life and to take 100% responsibility for your results.

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