Feminine Influence

feminine influence

Do you often wonder why some people effortlessly magnetise opportunity towards them without having to engage in the hustle? How is it that some women have all the luck? These are the women you see being asked to speak on stages, to be interviewed for podcasts and to teach on incredible trainings.

I’ve been studying the science and physiology of success for years now. As a long time physiotherapist, neuroscience nerd, yoga physiology teacher and coach, I love taking a somatic focus. It excites me that healthy physiology has such a huge part in the art of influence and that success leaves clues.

If you’re sick of the hustle and would like to generate amazing opportunities, phenomenal clients, effortless abundance and the support of grace herself, I’ve compiled a free playbook. It’s the same resource I’ve delivered at live workshops to hundreds of women now and it contains the ‘7 Practices of Charismatic and Magnetic Feminine Influence.


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If you’d like some hand-holding to work through the playbook, you can join me at Facebook.com.au/thenewfeminineleader for some FB live streams this week as I share each of the practices. I’ll be jumping on every day this week. The live recordings are posted on the FB page, so you can still enjoy the ones you’ve missed. I’d love for you to feel welcome to come over and say hi and don’t forget to like my page while you’re there!

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