Healing the Heart of Your Business is a small yet potent love letter wrapped in an awesome cover created by my favourite artist and sealed for all the awesome women in service-based business out there.

‘Healing the Heart of Your Business – sustainable success for heart-centred women,’ is for soulful women in business, who are seeking respite from the overwhelm.

Conscious, evolutionary women in service businesses have specific needs, wants and desires. We want to make our significant contributions without suffering from burn out. We want to revel in our abundance but not sell our souls. We want to stay on purpose and go all out to live to our full potential. We want to honour our soul purpose agreements to give our gifts generously. We have families and loved ones to take care of through our businesses too.

Falling in love with your business means waking up every morning to do what you love doing best.

This book shows you exactly where you need to focus. 

Available here!

For your signed copy, please email Lisa at sacredwomensbusiness@yahoo.com.au and she will send you a copy anywhere in the world for $35 AUD or $30 AUD within Australia including postage.

This book offers you 29 inspirational testimonials to help you manifest anything you truly want in your life and your business so you are fully prepared to step into success in a meaningful and joyful way. Embark on a journey of self-discovery, enjoy each manifesting routine and test and try them one after the other…. at your own pace and in your own time. You’ll be genuinely touched by the authenticity with which each chapter is presented to you. With each testimonial you read, you’ll gain a deeper understanding of what you need to do or stop doing to finally manifest your Soul’s desires, the very ones you have nestled deep inside your heart. Set them free right now.

Available here

Are you feeling sluggish, depressed, unbalanced or out of kilter? Would you like to awaken your inner goddess? This guide could be the solution for you if you are a woman on a quest for better physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being. It holds the seven vital keys for transformation that every goddess should know. Enjoy lifelong healthy tips and some sacred secrets to keeping your sex drive, vitality, pelvic floor health and well-being alive for life. This guide is perfect for you if you are a yoga teacher, mother, grandmother or physical trainer as it contains everything you need to know about keeping the pelvic floor in good shape.

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