Being able to make a contribution with your unique gifts is important to you.  I understand that you have a legacy to leave. Your life matters. Your business matters. You’re committed to enjoying sustainable, meaningful and fulfilling success. The kind that makes the world a better place. You’re probably also fed up with settling for a life that doesn’t reflect the real you. Being true to yourself is important to you. You’d rather live your own life imperfectly than be a perfect imitation of somebody else’s, yet all your life you’ve been learning how to tell the difference. That’s why I created Sacred Women’s Business, to serve intelligent and conscious women entrepreneurs like you who are yearning to live a life that feels more aligned to their Higher Self, to make the world a better place with your contributions. That’s also why I wrote Healing the Heart of Your Business, to help you to fall madly in love with what you do for a living, whilst making a difference.
It’s also why I created my coaching programs Heart Your Life and Heart Your Business, to help you to use your heart to guide you in your life and your business so that you can love your life and business with all your heart. Honestly. Courageously. Rebelliously – because 9-5 has never been you. I believe that with love, a big enough why and alignment to your Higher Purpose, every woman is capable of extraordinary success. Sacred Success is the kind of success that supports you in a holistic way. It’s the kind of success that includes a healthy body, a healthy mindset, creative and authentic self expression, sustainability and longevity in your business – the feminine way.  
Sacred Women’s Business makes an unapologetic stand for spiritual women to understand how priceless their contributions truly are, so that they can create a lifestyle and business they love and lead with all their heart. I believe that being in alignment with your soul purpose requires you to learn to really listen to the small quiet voice within. Your deep bone wisdom contains all the wisdom you need to become all that you are capable of being.


-over-achiever, intuitive, highly sensitive

-animal lover, dreamer, spiritual

-prayed every day (sometimes obsessively)

-writer, wordsmith, poet and handstand addict

High School:

-enjoyed competing with the boys in male dominated subjects (maths, physics, chemistry)

-off the rails rebel outside of school hours

– loved Louise Hay You Can Heal Your Life and Shakti Gawain Creative Visualisation



-Bachelor of Science(Physiotherapy) (1993). Did it to please others. A black sheep – never fitted in but knew I was a healer at heart so kept going and so glad I did.

-Associate Degree in Arts (Writing and Communication) (2005). Adored studying feminism, women’s writing, fringe fiction, Indigenous literature and post modernism. Wrote historical fiction with passion.

Other Study:

-Level One Yoga Training in the Ishta System with Rachel Zinman (2007). Enjoyed handstands galore. Witnessed the healing power of yoga and transformation. Reveled in studying and teaching and creating workshops in yoga for women, yoga-anatomy, neuro-anatomy, quantum physics and the neuro-biology of success in Australia, Japan and India. Learnt important international business skills 101…


– Studied Life Coaching and Business at The Coaching Institute (2012). Coaching life and business direction = my greatest contribution to healing the planet Working Life

– Treated thousands of patients around the world as a therapist -felt the deep pain of not working on purpose in my years as a Physio

– Always believed that healing must be considered a holistic concept not a mechanical one

– Wrote manuscripts for 20 years and cried buckets before finally being published

– Taught hundreds of students around the world as a yogini

– Coached dozens of women as a coach

– Found my bliss in my own business, coaching extraordinary women around the globe with Sacred Women’s Business Personal Life

– Single parented my two sons after a break-up that shattered my life into a million pieces (2005)

– Learnt what it meant to be a sole provider, a woman on a quest with nothing but my own soul to guide me

– Hit rock bottom and had dark nights of the soul more times than I can mention, through not believing in myself and through fear and doubt.

– Picked myself up and kept going, to create the business of my dreams and to create the writing I was born for

– Always donated to charities no matter how stretched I was, I’ve always known I have a legacy to help disadvantaged women and children

– Fulfilled Sagittarian yearning to travel the world and took my children on many amazing adventures

– Determined to raise two sons who respect, admire and love healthy, powerful and feminine women.

My Big Idea: By stepping into their unique genius zone and creating businesses they love, women are able to make a significant contribution to healing the planet and redistributing wealth to philanthropic missions which support greater equality, well-being and sustainability.

I am ecstatic about helping mission-driven and heart-centred clients succeed in business so that they can leave a unique legacy that contributes to making the world a better place for all beings.

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