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READY TO elevate YOUR service based or coaching BUSINESS?

Fall in Love with your Business and watch it grow!

Are you an intelligent, spiritual woman who knows that you have something priceless to offer the world?

Do you struggle with knowing that you’re meant for more yet have difficulty staying confident with the transformation you provide and keep second-guessing yourself?

Are you a hard-worker and completely committed to getting results, yet feeling frustrated because you’re not sure how to lean back and receive for your service?

Are you ready to stop hiding out and become known for your message, your brand and your values so that you can finally make the contribution you’re here for?

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Sacred Women’s Business 90 Day Coaching Program  was created for over-achieving and aware women in service like you, to support you to understand how priceless your contributions truly are, so that you can create a lifestyle and business you love with all your heart – the feminine way.

Imagine what your business would look like if it was working the way you always dreamed it could

  • You’re attracting divinely-right clients who are a dream to work with
  • You’re creating consistent income doing what you love as a coach, healer or agent of transformation and you can see a path forwards to an amazing life of self expression
  • You have systems in place which assist you to continually grow your business
  • You’re crystal clear on your soul gifts and you own the value of what you give
  • You’re finally able to express your big-hearted vision which includes leaving your legacy to assist causes you are passionate about.

Why I created Sacred Women’s Business 90 Day Coaching Program

I was a struggling single mum who dreamt of a better life for my sons and I. When I first became a single parent in 2005, I struggled to find anyone who could mentor me and show me a proven path to lift me out of the darkness. I felt like I was running out of time and I felt ashamed that I couldn’t show my sons the life that I knew was possible, yet couldn’t seem to crack. 

I’d always held a dream in my heart that I would help others in significant ways but my roles as a therapist and teacher was only part of the picture and I knew there was something missing. I made a vow that if I ever ended up getting my life together, I’d do whatever it took to coach and mentor women who were looking to become the leading ladies of their lives.

So I invested in coaching and completed my coaching training at The Coaching Institute and eagerly created Sacred Women’s Business. 

  • It was a shock to discover how much hard work and energy it took to run a business from home
  • I realised very quickly that I needed to continually invest in my own development and receive training from the best in the field of coaching and business.
  • Once I made the decision to welcome divine right clients and got clear and consistent, my coaching practice exploded and I had to create waiting lists to service the growing number of clients
  • My sons and I were able to move from our rental housing nightmare which saw us moving 9 times in 9 years and being rejected over and over again for a home loan. In 2014 I was able to buy a home for my sons and myself on the strengths of my growing coaching practice. 

The freedom and opportunities my coaching practice has gifted me is something I’d never take for granted. I made a decision to be location-independent, create transformation in my clients’ lives, make a difference and pull myself out of overwhelm and crisis, all whilst living on purpose.

I never forgot the promise that I made to help others do the same.

Presenting: The Sacred Women’s Business Professional Coaching Program

The most common things that potentially hold you back as a coach or service-provider in business are: lack of confidence and clarity, lack of self belief, fear of your own power and fear of being judged.

Lack of business success is rarely caused by lack of skill or passion. Overwhelm is caused by lack of confidence, clarity and consistency

 I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of my six week journey with Lisa.

Prior to starting with Lisa, I had started my yoga studio and online classes but was feeling like I had so many ideas whirling around my head that it was hard to keep focused. I was also coming to terms with my own fears and doubts.

Lisa is Professional with a capital P. She creates such a safe and judgment-free zone that it was easy for me to peel away the layers and reveal my vulnerabilities. She has an incredible ability to cut straight to the core and find the truth behind all feelings of doubt or insecurity. I especially liked it when we listed strengths and weaknesses. What I discovered was that some of my own perceived weaknesses were in fact what others saw as my strengths. Who knew!?! This kind of reframing has been a huge step for me.

While Lisa is attuned to higher levels of thinking, she is also very firmly grounded and practical. I love that because each week when we made a list of action steps, I knew that I would not only be “getting stuff done”, but all this “stuff” would be part of my higher purpose.

So if you need some help getting clear on your direction in life and/or business, then Lisa’s your girl!

Jeanette Darbyshire – Mullumbimby NSW Australia (

My sessions with Lisa have been the most profound and transformational experience of my life! The combination of her inspired and unique programs coupled with an abundance of unconditional support and intuitive guidance, deep wisdom and a heartfelt desire to serve has created the space for true and lasting change for me. I am deeply grateful for all we have witnessed together as my journey unfolds. This woman has found her life’s work-what a goddess!!

Star Rumble Ocean Shores NSW Australia

What’s included in my 90 day private coaching program:

  • 7 x 90 minute one:one coaching sessions (Skype, in person or telephone delivery) or 12 x 60 minute weekly coaching sessions (you choose the frequency that works for you)  with Lisa to make a no-excuses fierce feminine stand for you and your business
  • A full personality and client profile – to determine your exact zones of genius, your sensory modalities and the most aligned ways for you to operate your business. We’ll get clear on where you are currently, and where you desire to be and we’ll find your sweet spot where soul purpose and abundance meet.
  • Unlimited email support throughout – to ask questions as needed and to keep you accountable
  • A copy of Healing the Heart of Your Business – by Lisa Fitzpatrick and a selection of other books especially selected and tailored for your individual needs to transform your business

In this 90 day program, you’ll discover:

  • How to identify your genius traits
  • How to define and create your income by packaging your services into a unique signature program
  • Master time management and define your values
  • Set clear and achievable goals for your business for which you’ll be held accountable
  • How to overcome fear and doubt to create a business that is a true extension of who you are.
  • Attract divine right and respectful clients you absolutely love with all your heart
  • Master wealth consciousness
  • cultivate consistency

Frequently Asked Questions

I’m not sure if my business is the right fit for this coaching program. How do I know?

If you are currently running a coaching or service-based business and you have been committed to living a conscious, aware lifestyle but you’ve found yourself lacking direction or feeling overwhelmed, then this program is for you. If you’re ready to attract clients who are a perfect fit for your business, this program is for you. If you’re ready to find your sweet spot where soul purpose and abundance intersect in your business, this program is for you. This program is not suitable if you run an MLM business or product based business, or if you’re expecting a magic wand approach. A successful business takes time, commitment and integrity. Sacred Women’s Business makes a stand for women who are ready to step up and take full responsibility for their results.

How does the coaching work? 

Upon application, you will be assessed for your suitability for the program and a discovery call may also be conducted. Once you are accepted into the program, you’ll receive a welcome email with your welcome materials and access to your profiles and a sample coaching contract to sign. We’ll schedule in your sessions for the times and days that best suit you and we will meet on Skype or use the phone for your sessions (or meet in person if you’re a local to the Byron Bay shire).

Do you offer refunds for this programme?

I believe that when you make a decision to commit, you are honouring your deepest desire to make a breakthrough. I am 100% committed to you and to supporting your business in return. Under extenuating circumstances, a refund may be offered minus an administration fee (depending upon the circumstances). However, this may be further discussed and clarified at the time of signing your contract.

Lisa helped hone my purpose, stay true to my intention, identify any blocks and work through them together whilst building confidence in my own intuition and guidance. She helped me to prepare a business plan, prioritise and bounce ideas off. I could not recommend Lisa highly enough to help either create your dream or take it to a whole new level of success

Jackie Wallin yoga teacher and yoga studio owner Brunswick Heads NSW Australia

Working with Lisa has been life changing for me.  She held a mirror in front of me and showed me my gifts when I could not see them for myself.  She supported me unconditionally and allowed me to see what is truly possible for me and my business.  I am forever grateful for having the gift of working with her and the visions that she allowed me to glimpse for myself are working their way towards me on a daily basis.  Thank you Lisa, for all the clarity, the visions and the loving support and guidance.

Sonja Ramos, Fresh Betty Lifestyle – Minnesota U.S.A.

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