How to build a coaching business
How to build a coaching business

The Art of Feminine Influence, Leadership, and Success for Coaches and Consultants

Hi, I’m Lisa Fitzpatrick. Are you wondering how to build a coaching business?

I’m a Spiritual Business Coach for intelligent, heart-centred, rebellious and highly conscious women coaches and consultants.

If you would like some help to start or to grow your coaching or service-based business, without burn-out — then let’s talk. If you are ready to transform your life and business today, keep reading. 

How to build a coaching business
How to build a coaching business
How to build a coaching business
how to build a coaching business

My unique coaching processes and programs will support you to combine your magic with the essential pragmatic, grounded structures that are required to achieve success and longevity in your coaching or service business.

As a specialist and experienced expert in the art of feminine leadership and influence, I love supporting women coaches like you to grow your online and offline presence without overwhelm. I do this so that you can find your authentic voice, enjoy becoming a powerful role model, generate an abundant income and leave your legacy.

You’re in the right place if you love making a difference to others, you’re committed to your mission as a coach and leader, and you’ve done a lot of personal and spiritual development to prepare you for growing your business.

I believe that when more women like you tap into their inner wisdom, step into positions of self-determined leadership and create successful businesses, the feminine shift will restore balance and equality and heal our troubled world. You’re in the right place is you’re wondering about building a coaching business!

How to build a coaching business

You're In the Right Place if You Need Support To:


  • Attract a steady stream of clients
  • Create packages and programs that move you out of overwhelm and put you back in charge
  • Expand your limited mindset and overcome your money blocks
  • Move from overwhelm to clarity on your coaching offerings
  • Find that sweet spot where soul purpose and abundance intersect
  • Heal your overwhelm and burn-out so that you can enjoy holistic and life-sustaining success
  • Build the practical and pragmatic business structures, marketing and sales strategies that are required to build and run a successful coaching business
  • Generate and magnetise opportunities towards you so that you’re staying out of burn out and push mode.
  • Take your place as an empowered feminine leader and role model

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